Video: Despite P’sak of Gedolim, Yehuda Glick Says ‘G-d Gave Me My Life Back to Continue With My Mission’ to Fight for Har Habayis Rights


yehuda-glickJust a month and a half after a near-fatal assassination attempt, veteran Temple Mount activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick spoke to Arutz Sheva about his incredible recovery, and shared his hopes for the future of his struggle for Jewish prayer rights at Judaism’s holiest site. It should be noted that the leading poskim of the time have unequivocally forbidden entry to the Har Habayis.

“I feel like a very lucky person, who received his life from the Almighty as a present,” said a visibly strained, but remarkably defiant Glick. “A person who by all rational explanations and expectations was already on the other side of this world – and here I am, back standing on both my feet thanks to the prayers from all over the world, and thanks to miracles of God,” Arutz Sheva reported.

He expressed his gratitude to Jews and Christians worldwide who prayed for his health; “not a single one of those prayers was in vain.” Indeed, his rapid recovery has been described as nothing short of “miraculous” by doctors.

Recalling the moment he was shot four times by an Islamist terrorist in Jerusalem, he told Arutz Sheva that it all happened so fast that “there was not even a moment” to register what was happening.

However, he added, “I heard clearly that he said: ‘I am shooting you because you are an enemy of Al Aqsa,’ and I understood directly that it was because of my activity on the Temple Mount – but I didn’t have enough time to give too much thought to that.”

See a video of the full interview HERE.

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  1. While I feel pain at his suffering, and wish him a complete recovery, I regret that his actions enflame the hatred of others against Jews.

    This man and those like him, however well meaning, are indirectly causing other Jews to be harmed.

  2. Just because he follows rabonim that have a different opinion then your rov (or yourselves), does not mean he is going ageinst Daas Torah!!!!

    He is folllowing his rov

    We pick and chose what we follow from going online and or going to college not always do we follow the rov that we at times give the title of daas torah.

    Did you go onine today? did you give your child vaccination? do you use the eriv?

    One rov or another whom it could be said is Daas Torah said it is assur.

    Klal yisroel need achdus and telling someone that they must follow what you think is correct when his rov tells him otherwise is not achdus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks to Hashem for HIS kindness. But that doesn’t mean Rabbi Glick has to go against the
    Psak Din of Rabbonim. Rather, use your energy
    to help prepare the world for the Geulah – the
    ultimate redemption Now is the time to open up
    our eyes of understanding that we are in the
    era on the threshold of Moshiach through learning the topic of Geulah in Rambam and many othe

  4. Shrecklach! Why would he start up with the Aibishter? Doesn’t he see the Boeri Olam in his miracules recovery? Is this the thank you Hashem gets for the open nes? He is treading on very dangerous waters.

  5. to # 6
    its not a question of a charedi psak its poskim that are in a different league and caliber than anyone else and even those rabbnim would agree
    the facts are that rav elyashiv ztl reb chaim shlita and all those in that exclusive “club” of gedolim have ruled that it is assur period

    it is also a no brainer that it is hisgarus beumois (no im not satmar I love israel etc)

    why the need to go to har habayis
    I visit Israel a lot and allways daven by the kosel
    I never once had the desire to go up to har habayis as I know its assur period

    and if one goes up because he feels the need to pray why the singing and dancing to provoke the arabs?

  6. Following his rov???
    Just because there are lenient opinions DOES NOT give anyone the right to risk other jews’ lives to fight for something which is a matter of heavy dispute.
    Comparing this to having vaccinations is utterly preposterous. Har habayis is an issue concerning an issur koreys and ALSO has risked (and cost) the lives of jews. How many soldiers have to be oiver on an issur koreys just to protect those who go to the “permitted” areas?

    Enough said, this man needs to be restrained by “his Rov”.

  7. dear mr. please stop,

    NO reputable RAV would go agianst the psak din of almost ALL the major Rishonim including but limited to:the Rambam,the Smag,the Sefer Hatruma,the Rash,the Yereim,the Kaftor Vaferach and the chinuch

  8. Glick is dormant in his sin. He wants his future to be the signature of planning. It is really the drama of resentment.

    A foolish man.

  9. All you people criticizing this amazing person without any information at whats going on here some of you are so close minded its shocking first of all if his rabbi tells him he can go on the har Habais then that’s all that matters and secondly are you really blaming the deaths in israel on him Arabs have been killing Jews for years how dare any of you justify murderes like this

  10. I regret that his actions enflame the hatred of others against Jews.

    This man and those like him, however well meaning, are indirectly causing other Jews to be harmed. — WRONG WRONG AND WRONG. There is no indirect cause, the direct cause is the religious war being fought by ARABS against JEWS. Har Habayis has no connection. Jews living in Israel (in Meah Shearim, Sharei CHesed, gilo, etc) are all an incitement for ARABS who see Jews as infidels, enemies, scum and mud pies.

  11. Wow! So much sinas chinam against a fellow Jew. Although I do not agree withl his position re: Har Habayis, spewing hatred comments does absolutely nothing.

  12. As much as I agree with you, we still need to acknowledge that as long as Mashiach has not yet come, we are still in galus and must use our brains. Yes the Arabs hate us, but we don’t need to do things will further provoke and anger them or the rest of the world. One thing if we have to defend ourselves, another thing if we are on the offensive. Going on har habayis is not only an issue of kareis, it is something that is viewed by and large by the umos haolam as something provocative and looking for a fight, which is exactly what those who go up there are doing.

  13. …and i wonder if all the people saying “he’s just following his rov” have the same open-mindedness when other sects of Jews do things they dont agree with when they’re also just following their rabbonim.

  14. This man is a beinuni- a person in occupying the middle ground of intelligence and maturity…..Not a big chacham, and not a small fool! Klal Yisrae-l and the world at-large have suffered greatly throughout history, from such tunnel-visioned very average people who have all the problems of the world all figured out for themselves, and offer their silly simplistic solution to the world by acting out on the world-stage in a way that profoundly effects the stability of the world and puts many lives at risk. Hashem yerachem. We have lost some of our best on the mizbeiach of his foolishness.

  15. To all those who are concerned about inciting the Arabs: The reformers also thought that by changing their actions and beliefs the goyim wouldn’t hate them as much. That worked out well.

  16. Torah is truth, I am sure you think you are correct. However if you put your ideology and fervor aside for a moment, you’d see that it is distorting your view.

    Although a small minority of rabbonim may say it is ok to go to the har habyis, most don’t.

    Many of those that might allow it from a purely theoretical stance, would advise against going for the reasons already discussed.

    Like some who are fervent in their so called “love of Israel”, the safety of their fellow Jews are ignored because of extreme ideology, not unlike what neturei karta does and claims that they have rabbinic support too.

  17. alot of the Gedolim have been saying that going up onto the Har HaBayis inflames the arabs into hurting the yidden. It also gives the arabs a good excuse/reason to hurt yidden.


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