Video: Danny Danon Takes On Hostile, Anti-Israel BBC – ‘We Won’t Sit Back and be Attacked’


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  1. The BBC anchorwoman showed a totally skewed perspective. She wouldn’t let him speak. She was ruthless and even rude. Journalists are supposed to be impartial. This was a witch hunt and not an interview. The Beeb should be ashamed of itself.
    The blockade has nothing to do with the financial situation in Gaza. They destroyed the greenhouses and any economic prospects they had before the blockade was started.
    The world is worried about 600 plus Palestinians who were killed, but they don’t seem to care about the hundreds of Syrians who are being killed everyday.
    And, yes, how would England react if Scotland or Wales started firing hundreds of missiles at them everyday or dug tunnels underneath their cities to infiltrate their country and wreak havoc?
    If the people of Gaza have nowhere to hide when Israel warns them to leave it’s because they have no bomb shelters to run to. They chose to let Hamas run Gaza and now they are paying for it.
    Oh, and then there are the three humanitarian cease-fires Hamas violated. The reporter conveniently forgot about those, didn’t she?

  2. The whole conversation just didn’t reach the point.If one were to judge war behavior it is to see who and what he is targeting. Hamas is targeting all mankind while the IDF is targeting only the terrorists. I would answer the news reporter that the killer of the Palestinian civilians were the Hammas themselves ‘The Hammas put their poeple in the death traps.
    Isn’t that simple!?

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