Video: Chief Rabbi Rav Dovid Lau Sells Land in Eretz Yisroel to Goy for Shmittah


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  1. If the supreme court decides that they want to give the land to someone else they will – regardless of which goy it was sold to. They did it last time. They ruled that it was not legal – just formal.
    That’s why many of the rabbonim who used to permit it have stopped.

  2. #1 it was a psak for a b’dieved situation. not keeping shmita properly is just admitting one has zero emunah and bitachon (not that i look down on anyone who deoesn’t , just g-d does)

  3. Heter mechira is put in place every shmitta in order to ensure yidden all over eretz yisrael that buy from the rabbanut will not be michshal in dinei shmitta as well that the whole kashrus system for everyone else won’t have any problems. It’s an important thing that many Gedolim supported (even though they themselves were not somach on the heter.)

  4. please, if it was done 100 years ago, that’s when people were literally starving to death, so they had to be meikel in some ways.
    but today? come’on, who’s starving? bring in produce from jordan and europe
    because you want to be proud of israeli produce, you should be mechalel shmitta?

    and to #2, absolutely not, the mehadrin does NOT rely on this

  5. Abe.

    While some held it was a bedeved others said it was letchachtchila, they are of the opinion that using the heter is keeping shmita properly. It is no different then someone who holds of the eruv in Boro Park, even though my Rov says not to. Your following of your rov has no barring on me following mine and vice verse.


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