Video: Chareidi Mother and Children Give Hot Pizza to IDF Soldiers in Expression of Hakoras Hatov



{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Why was the Mother filming this? Why didn’t the Mother get out of the car and help her children give them the pizza? Me thinks this lady was looking for attention.

  2. sounds like americans maybe from boro is nice what they did but it almost reminds me of a parody video series on youtube

    never a wrong time to do a mitzvah

  3. look i live in a small Charadi settlement (and yes i am blackish Charadi)
    for this video here we are all seeing

    the “MATZAV” has changed to closeness between Jews and in particular those standing it in whatever weather protecting OTHERS
    imo this Ema is introducing her kids to the new and i pray temporary reality on the ground and is making the most of
    a) A wonderful Chinuch opportunity the kind that breaks the boundaries of Galus and the detractors here this Ema is PERHAPS recording the 1st time she is doing it IMO something sadly that we all need to see more of
    and we all know sometimes in israel its hard to park so please don’t ask why she did not get out of the car LOOK FOR THE GOOD she could have been motivated only seconds or feet before LOOK FOR THE GOOD

    b) she seems to be acting in the paradigm of Hakoros Ha Tov having you out there making me feel safe and i want you to know it in fact she might not have eaten out or whatever if they were not there

    may i encourage the rest of AM YISROEL to do the same to the level of their heart motivating them each for THEMSELVES

    PS for many years when i see Soldiers in my hood i have special things prepared to give them and even when they are items that do not cost a lot. (not that i am looking for it) i can see how it lights up their day/ moment/ life and i feel its more rewarding to me the the tasty treats i give them
    and in my case i know Hashem is seeing my video but if i had kids you bet i would record it

    there is a lot of talk and i mean a lot about Moshiach coming (please now TATTI) and just think the next thing you do can bring it just think about that and do the right thing or ask your Rebbi what to do

    thank you

  4. Where’s papa? Who lets little girls approach soldiers? Very nice gesture, but an adult male and boys should have been doing this.

  5. There are now soldiers night and day at the end of my street -for Shabbat let’s go out and give soldiers Shabbat meals!!


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