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  1. I just cried real tears! Tears of emotion, from the amazing staff, tears of smiles from the happiest campers around!!! Kol hakavod to this amazing institution, and to Rabbi Eismann whos dedication and devotion knows no bounds. May Hashem give him and his wonderful staff, along with the blessed families who were zoche to care for these wonderful children, the strength to continue in this holy work! Mi Keamcha Yissroel!!

  2. I was fortunate enough to work in camp SCHI for the past few summers and I can tell you 1st hand that camp SCHI is the most amazing camp in the world! The staffs devotion to these awesome special children is unparalleled in any other camp!!! Camp is Tremendous!!! Git-R-Done

  3. This special camp is one of a kind!! My little brother is a camper in camp SCHI! Camp SCHI changed my brother and my family!!! We all owe so much to the dedicated staff of camp SCHI!!! My brother is so limited in what he can do he is so different from all the other boys his age, but in camp SCHI he has no limitations he can do everything just like every other boy his age!!! Thanks so much to the special staff of camp SCHI!!!!
    -A loving brother-


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