Video: Bostoner Chassidus Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary


bostoner rebbe


{ Newscenter}


  1. Beautiful and uplifting!

    My great grandfather had a KLOIZ a Shtible Rayim Ahuvim in Brownsville at the edge of Crown Heights. it was a SHUL open almost 24/7.

    When the great Rebbe came from Yerushalayim to America –he was for a while in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, NY.

    My “elter Zeide” was a supporter of his and of the many TZADDIKIM – Rabbonim – Roshai Yeshivah who came to America in the 1920’s to collect funds for their Yeshivas and charitable institutions in then Palestine and of course Europe. Reb Hersh Meilich Hecht z’l was instrumental in helping the Rebbe move to Boston and open a SHUL and Chassidic Center there. In Boston Harav Horowitz zt”l became known as the BOSTONER REBBE

  2. What is so wonderful to see from the short video is how the Rebbe zt”l built so much and how his son and successor the present Rebeb Shlita is continuing in the great path set out by his father. Truly “midor l’dor.


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