Video: Barry Jeremias Speaks About Poverty in Eretz Yisroel at Private Reception; Close to $2 Million Raised


barry[Video below.] At a private reception in Lakewood, NJ, at the Jeremias residence, attended by close to 200 people, Mr. Barry Jeremias captivated the crowd with a passionate plea to help alleviate the extreme poverty in Eretz Yisroel. Sources related to that close to 2 million dollars were raised at the gathering for this special cause.

To watch a video of the speech, click below:

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  1. Why can’t they start programs to help people get steady incomes with work, etc. That’s the highest form of tzedeka? For everyone that joins the program would receive money in the meantime to help. Is this not a good idea?

  2. #1 work where?
    How many secular israelis flee the country for jobs all over the world?

    Germany which has comparable tax brackets to israel gives 5X ! the benefits

  3. It really is beautiful. Just so R’ Boruch knows, there’s people in his own hometown of Lakewood with large families that don’t have a penny for Yom Tov. I know quite a few and sadly I’m one of them.

  4. What about aneyey ircho there plenty of people in lakewood that cant find jobs and dont have what to eat,besides the tzadik Dr shanik nobody else does for the local people

  5. How can I recieve help for an organization which houses my son in Israel. He suffers from Schzoprenia and it costs $2000 a month to support him.
    Anyone interested in helping not only the upkeep for my son but for other familys who cannot afford to send their family members and provide a significant amount of relief as it is an emotionally tortuous disease please press on this link and find out more information


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