Video: Assad Says Kerry Has No Evidence


assad1[Video below.] Last night, PBS aired Sunday’s interview between Charlie Rose and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a rare discussion about the ongoing civil war. Assad stated that the rebels were behind the attack, and refused to reveal whether or not the country possessed chemical weapons.

Kerry, he said, didn’t even produce “a shred of evidence” about the “allegations.”

Assad warned that if the U.S. orders airstrikes against Syria, there could be “different forms” of repercussions.

Later Rose asked, “Will there be attacks against American bases if there is an airstrike?” and Assad replied: “You should expect everything.”

Assad also asserted the majority of rebels are al Qaeda, and the war is only ongoing because of an “external agenda” by the U.S., the west, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. The war will only be over when outside pressure ends, he said, and stepping down before that would be “treason.” Read more at CBS News.

Click below for video:

{Andy Newscenter}


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