Video: Aron’s Lawyers Show Chutzpah in Farcical Insanity Defense


levi-aron4[Video below.] The attorneys defending accused killer Levy Aron say he was pressured to produce a written statement to police confessing his crime of killing Leiby Kletzky, 8, in July. His attorneys say he is not guilty by reason of insanity.

“This is a very simple case. He is either evil or insane. We intend to prove he is not guilty by reason of insanity. It’s pretty straightforward,” said Howard Greenberg.

“We maintain that it was police over-reaching. He has a simple mind. There are terms (in the statement) that he doesn’t seem likely (to use),” said Jennifer McCann.

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  1. Isn’t this what any defendant’s (even a monster’s) lawyer is paid to do? Do we blame the lawyer? Let the legal process go forward without sniping at it.

  2. Those of us who saw the Lev L’achim video of R’ Yitzchok Zilberstein interviewing R’ Chaim Kanievsky about this matter, heard him quote R’ Elyashiv saying that Aron is a crazy. We saw R’ Chaim agree with that as well.

    Why do we seem to feel that it disgraces Leiby’s memory if the one who perpetrated this atrocity was crazy??

  3. The job of the defense lawyer is to defend his/her client. By US law every defendant is entitled to an attorney. Do you propose that we change the law?
    When you get a speeding ticket and hire a lawyer to get you off the hook is that also despicable?

  4. #4, we all know he’s nuts! that’s not the point! The US legal system has codes – penal codes, and they differ significantly for the insane and the criminal. Should he, in your opionn, be handled with the rachmanus due an insane individual? Why?
    Should he be handled by nurses or prison guards? I think the latter! Don’t you concur?

  5. Please stop posting pictures of reshaim. It’s assur to look at them and you don’t want to be the cause of others doing something assur. Thanks!

  6. What difference does it make if Leiby’s murderer is evil and goes to jail/gets the death penalty, or if he’s found innocent and goes to an asylum?
    Uneducated people think that they’re more loyal to Leiby if they lynch his murderer.
    Let the expert psychiatrists decide and we’ll accept their verdict. He could be schyzophrenic, psychopath, whatever.
    Are we seeking revenge or justice?

  7. Rav Yakov Kamenetzky in emes liyakov is quoted as being asked if we should daven in refaeinu in shmonei esrei for someone who is in jail because he murdered someone because it appears that the guy is crazy (because he killed someone). He answered that definitely not and we have to fight against those that say that all these type of acts are because the guy is crazy. He says that all it is is a lack of yiras shamayim and as a proof – he wouldn’t have done it in front of a melech basar vedum.

  8. #4- the issue here is a legal question within the flawed American legal system, not if he is crazy

    #12- agreed, Aron is insane; however, based on a legal theory of the 5th and 6th amendments, he may be able to claim that his confession was involuntary and thereby suppress his confession from trial evidence

    #13- every murderer is probably crazy; however, the question of whether Aron can win based on legal insanity is quite a different question because legal insanity is such a high standard

  9. R’ Chaim and Rav Elyashiv most likely did not mean to say that he was legally insane, they were probably saying (in much more refined language obviously) that he’s nuts. This is not a chiddush. It’s not as though anyone thinks this guy is playing with a full deck.

    Schizophrenia and psychopathic personality disorder DO NOT define someone as insane. The bottom line of legal insanity is this: Was the perpetrator of the crime so mentally far gone that their concept of right and wrong is warped to the extent of possessing no conscious awareness that what they did was: illegal, immoral, etc.

    According to what we have heard up until now, it would be very very difficult to say that the rotzeiach matches the definition of being legally insane.


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