Video: Angry Elephant Goes Berserk


How much damage can a single elephant do? More than you think.

In a case of an elephant running amok in Kerala, a single angry elephant ended up completely demolishing a series of modes of transport, INDIAN EXPRESS reports. The incident took place in Kongad, Palakkad district of Kerala.

The elephant first attacked a motorbike, followed by an three-wheeler autorickshaw and then a tempo truck, going from two-wheelers and working its way up to four-wheelers.

The incident seems happened last week.

Initially, the elephant was tethered to something, but it manages to break free, thus scaring the people around. Two mahouts on the elephant try and calm the creature down, but to little avail.

Watch the video here:



  1. My first thought at seeing the “Angry Elephant” title was that it was referring to Trump voters. Yes, really.


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