Video and Photos: IDF Rescues Hatian Man From Collapsed Building After 4 Days Of Being Trapped


idf-haiti[Amazingly inspiring video and photos below.] IDF Search and Rescue teams in Port-au-Prince Haiti pulled a 52 year-old Hatian man yesterday from the rubble of a collapsed building. The team worked for 6 hours to extract the man,who was in good condition despite wounds on his limbs and dehydration. He had been trapped in the rubble for 4 days, and had managed to communicate his location to rescue forces via sms.The IDF sent an aid delegation of over 220 search and rescue and medical personnel to assist in the rescue efforts following the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Search and rescue teams are working around the clock to extract victims trapped in the rubble and the IDF has constructed a field hospital capable of treating up to 500 people a da near the soccer field in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Click below to watch the inspiring video obtained by from the IDF:

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See below for photos:

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{Yair Israel}


  1. Baruch HaShem the man was saved. Many more should also be saved.

    These are the true heroes of Am Yisroel – risking their lives to save others. Truly rachamim bnei rachamim, making a Kiddush HaShem with _true_ Jewish pride.

  2. These Israelis have no business pandering across the globe. Tomorrow nobody will remember what they did.

    But the most important point is no Yid has a heter to be mesiras nefesh even for another Yid, kol shekain for a goy.

    How much money have the friers wasted on this cause that has no shaichus to Yiddishkeit that could have been given to real aniyim or talmud Torah?


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