Video and Photos: Daled Minim Shuk at BMG 5772


daled-minim-shuk-at-bmg-5772-esrog-lulav[Video and photos below.] During this week preceding Sukkos, Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ, is a hub of activity as residents go about purchasing Daled Minim and other Yom Tov needs.

A “shuk” type of atmosphere pervades the area outside of the yeshiva‘s main building, where vendors of all ages sell Daled Minim and sukkah accessories in and around the yeshiva‘s large sukkah. At the same time, there are minyanim held throughout the afternoon and night in the yeshiva‘s botei medrash.

See below for photos:

Click below to view a video of the Daled Minim shuk at BMG:

{ Newscenter}


  1. If everybody would be as careful about how they treat each other, as they are checking the esrog(esrog is like HEART)then MESSICH WOULD BE HERE.GUT YOM TOV TO ALL.

  2. By using a mgnifying glass one can ascertain if that dark spot on the esrog is black or brown; embedded in the esrog or perhaps just sitting on the surface from where it can be nudged away with the careful use of a pointed piece of wax or even a toothpick.

    Ashreichem Yisroel that people exhibit such love for a mitzvah. After all the exactitude we have made part of our standard for dress, sheitel styles and even cars & home furnishings, it is most fitting that we show the same level of perfection when it comes to the performance of a mitzvah.

  3. by using a magnifying glass you could ascertain if it is a choser. what am aratzus to hate on the olam hatorah.
    i would hate to be a hater like you are (#1)!!


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