Video: ALS Patient Mendy Rosenberg Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


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  1. Please, please take this off!! How utterly inhumane! Anyone familiar with ALS knows how fragile these cholim are and it is heartbreaking to see once proud and dignified individuals reduced to complete dependence on others for their basic needs 24 / 7.

    I am happy that the ALS Foundation is somehow making money for their research but aghast at the thought that it takes such undignified methods to raise awareness for the plight of the unfortunate victims of this devstating machla.

    If you wish to share images of ALS patients, then go flm the heroic man in Monsey who goes to a Kollel every day to learn despite his catastrophic ailment. Go film the families who have chosen to care for their mothers and fathers and husbands and wives at home instead of relegating them to nursing homes.

    This Ice Bucket nonsense has taken the focus off the serious and tragic and heroic, and put the spotlight instead on the silly and undignified.

  2. Re #1, I appreciate where you’re coming from but it seems clear that this was done with Mr. Rosenberg’s full consent, everything from the challenge to publicizing the video.

    May Mr. Rosenberg go on with strength, simcha, nachas and may he and his family feel Hashem’s loving hand in every step of their journey.
    And of course, hayad Hashem lo tiktzor…


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