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Thousands of people around the world have become re-connected to Judaism and to Israel through Aish HaTorah.

Aish is trying to raise $3,000,000 to continue the legacy of Rav Noach Weinberg ZT”L and his mission to bring every Jew back to Judaism. Every dollar you donate is quadrupled 4x by generous benefactors. Please click HERE to donate.

Aish’s commitment to bringing every Jew back to Judaism is what makes Aish so go great. Aish inspires every Jew to be a proud part of such a rich heritage, introduces the fundamentals of Judaism in ways they’ve never experienced before, and gives them clarity and purpose to live a happy and meaningful life.

  • Aish connects to every Jew in innovative and creative ways.
  • Aish educates every single Jew with rich Torah wisdom and gives them the answers to the questions they’ve always been asking.
  • Aish reignites the passion of Judaism in every Jew and empowers them with the pride and confidence to become the Jewish leaders of Tomorrow!

But this can’t happen without your investment!

Your gift to Aish is an investment in the future of the Jewish people. Your partnership with Aish will reconnect, educate and empower Jews all over the world through the power of Torah Wisdom and through the power of Aish HaTorah, the Fire of Torah.

The biggest threat to the Jewish people is apathy, a lack of Jewish education, and a lack of connection. Aish is the answer to this threat, and they do this with their amazing programs:

  • More than 1 Million Visitors Per Month were inspired by articles on the website
  • Over 150,000 people walked through the doors of the Aish HaTorah Dan Family World Center in 2018
  • The Aish Discovery Seminar is the most popular seminar in Jewish History! Giving Jews the evidence they’ve always been searching for.
  • The Aish HaTorah Yeshiva, Aish Gesher, Aish Essentials, JEWEL, AishLatino, and the Aish Spanish Yeshiva education thousands of Jews every year.

These programs have changed the lives of Jews for the first time in generations!

With 35 Branches Around the World, Aish is shaping the future of the Jewish People and educating the next generation of Jewish leaders.

Every dollar donated before Tuesday 1pm EST is quadrupled 4x by Generous Benefactors. The time to Donate is now!

The programs run by Aish are successful because of your investment! Your opportunity to become a partner with Aish is now! The transformational power of Aish depends on you!! Join Aish HaTorah in reigniting the passion of Judaism to every Jew!

Donate to Aish today and help shape the future of the Jewish world!


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