Video: A Visit to the Yehuda Matzoh Bakery in Yerushalayim


yehudah-matzoh[Video below.] At the “Yehuda Matzos” bakery in Yerushalayim, 200 workers worked three shifts for the past few months as they rushed to churn out an estimated 3,000 tons of matzos before Pesach. The family bakery was established more than 90 years ago in the ancient Jewish city of Tzefas.

At this automated Yerushalayim  facility, flour is stored in three 30-meter-high silos, each with a capacity of 200 tons.

Owner Dovid Ludmir stresses that his matzos consists of only two ingredients: flour and water.

Holding true to the prohibition to produce leavened bread, the bakery ceases all production every 18 minutes, so as to prevent any dough from rising. Workers hose down all bins and vats and use pressurized air-dusters to ensure that no dough particles will accumulate.

The rigid process is both meticulous and all-encompassing.

Yehuda Matzos begins its Pesach baking season some five months before the Yom Tov. According to Mr. Ludmir, it ships to scores of countries outside of Israel.

Click below for a video of the factory by Mordechai Twersky:

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{Dovid Newscenter}


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