Video: A Video Filmed In 1911 Shows Everyday Life In New York City 100 Years Ago — See How It Compares To Manhattan Today


Old film of New York City in the year 1911. Print has survived in mint condition. Slowed down footage to a natural rate and added in sound for ambiance. This film was taken by the Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern on a trip to America




  1. Wow!
    How were they able to coordinate the sound recording to match the video? I can’t imagine how much work that required. Is the sound recording also an original, or did they just produce it now?

    • It isn’t really coordinated. The horses’ hooves, for example, all sound the same and are out-of-sync with the actual footsteps. Other background sounds don’t match what’s being shown, or the sound is much too close for what’s much further back in the frame. No complaints as it’s very well done, but it’s far from perfect. For authenticity’s sake my personal preference it to watch it with the sound muted rather than with the added (but not real) background sounds.

  2. Can you post it in a format that we can view it?
    Was Rabbi Yaakov Joseph still alive at the time?

  3. Life was much more relaxed and more fulfilling. Shane the level of tzenius went down the toilet and we are forced to be around proster animals today

    • No, that would NOT have been good for you. HKBH put every human at the exact time in history to fulfill HIS/HER tafkid. HKBH gives each individual the Kalim to handle the nisyonos of that particular time in history. For whatever reason, HKBH chose US to be living in the generation that Moshiach comes. We CAN and will be matzliach.


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