Victims of Ft. Lauderdale Attack Identified


The victims of Friday’s attack in Fort Lauderdale were mostly ordinary family people heading off on vacation.Terry Andres, 62, died inside the airport terminal after being shot multiple times, his daughter told local media late Friday. Andres, a volunteer firefighter from Virginia, was joining his wife on the couple’s vacation. His wife of 40 years survived the massacre.

Members of an Atlanta church came forward to identify another victim, Olga Woltering, a retiree from Georgia. Woltering, who was on her way to a cruise with her husband, died on the spot. She was described as a “wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and friend” by an acquaintance on social media. Iowa resident Michael Oehme, 57, has been identified as another one of the victim’s. Like the others, he was on his way to a cruise when the gunman opened fire, and he died at the scene. Authorities have yet to identify the other victims. Read more at the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS.



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