Vice President Biden to Give Keynote Address Tonight at Yeshiva Beth Yehudah Dinner


joe-bidenVice President Joe Biden will be in Detroit tonight to speak at the annual Yeshiva Beth Yehudah dinner at the downtown Detroit Marriott Hotel.

Biden has said he’ll speak about foreign policy and U.S. support for Israel at the dinner. The school is in Southfield, just north of Detroit.

Biden also is scheduled to speak this afternoon at a fundraiser at the hotel for Democratic U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, who’s up for re-election next year. is told that well over 2,000 people are expected to be in attendance at the dinner.

Yeshiva Beth Yehudah is the largest Jewish school system in Michigan, providing quality Torah-based chinuch for close to 100 years. Under its guidance, nearly 800 students in nursery through grade 12 receive an excellent foundation to become future leaders of the Jewish community.

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  1. Lovely. The man who said that Pollard would be released over his dead body is getting this kavod. Probably because he is some kind of tzaddik, or from the chassidei umos ha’olam. Or maybe for his intellectual attainments. Or because he represents an administration that is so good to Israel.

  2. He should skip all the “U.S. support for Israel” nonsense and get straight to the point: what’s his thinking now about Pollard. We want answers.

  3. I live in Detroit and this event is always the highlight of the year. Hundreds of non-frum Yidden come and donate huge amounts of money to the Yeshiva. As an alumni of the Yeshiva myself, I think that it was well worth to invite Biden just to get these people to donate the cash. Think about this, just to take a picture with him costs $10,000.

  4. When these politicians will finally be shunned by our Mosdos, “perhaps” we stand a chance of bringing back a little Kvod Shomayim!

  5. Unfortunately, often people with good intentions act and people are afraid of them. someone can push a personal agenda and nobody is willing to stand up against them… How sad, I guess it it is Ikvash D’Mashicaha

  6. #4 – While it might be exciting to have a sitting Vice President speak at a dinner, it is certainly a disgrace in shomayim!

    parnosah comes from Hakadosh Boruch Hu, not the “hundreds of non-frum Yidden who come and donate huge amounts of money.”

  7. “As an alumni of the Yeshiva myself …”

    Reb Moshe (#9, it’s clear your yeshiva didn’t teach you Latin. Lashon zachar, yachid is alumnus. Lashon nekeva, yachid is alumna. Lashon zachar rabbim, is alumni. The right way to write is: As an alumnus of the Yeshiva …”

  8. The beth yehuda dinner has always been a kiddush hashem. How wonderful that each year close to 1,000 non frum jews get the zcus of supporting jewish education. Authentic jewish education. How many of you folks bashing this event know anything about it. Bais yehuda has the single biggest day school dinner in America! The michiganjewish community feels connected to their frum brethren, in part because the yeshiva seeks out a speaker that appeals to them. Ashrei to those who have found such a pleasant way to give these people zchusim. Btw the event has a very spiritual jewsh feel.

  9. Seriously, many of the commenters here need to remember where they are and who they are speaking about.

    1) This is a public forum. If you disagree with a government leader in a medinah shel chessed, one that has allowed us to practice our religion unlike almost any other (with minimal interference). Hakaras hatov people. Also, the world is watching and reading. Think before you post.

    2) Pollard and anti-semitism do not go hand in hand. This is one case. By and large, Biden has been supportive of a number of Jewish causes, including Israel. Why on earth would we want to distance ourselves from a political leader who is clearly reaching out and trying to become closer with our community? This is our opportunity to raise the important issues, and build relationships that could change minds!

    3) This yeshiva dinner is both an outreach and a fundraising event. This man is a powerful man in America. Bringing powerful players into a kiddush hashem environment WHILE bringing in those who aren’t torah observant is an incredibly powerful mix. The opportunity to make a massive kiddush hashem, raise thousands of dollars for yeshivos AND bring in those who aren’t sending their children to yeshiva… what an INCREDIBLE platform.

    Yasher Koyach to the yeshiva on this brilliant event.

  10. To Moshe #9. Where do u draw the line?
    In light of the recent comments by the VP, perhaps
    Now would not be the time to have him “Kasher” himself

  11. To#9 and #21 Your comments are off base and not on subject to the first post. Biden said over his dead body should Pollard be released. Gedolim as high up as Rav Eliyashav learichas yomim veshonim have spoken about the urgency of getting Pollard released so stop pushing your agenda. We are all ashamed of the choice of person you are asking to be a guest speaker so you can get the dollars.

    Yes, the whole world is reading and its high time we all stand united in condemning for choosing Biden to be a guest speaker. They could have gotten a high profile person who may not be a staunch supporter of Israel but has more clout than Biden. They wanted a sitting Vice President because it brings in the bucks. Say it as is but dont make it a big nachas thing. That for sure its not!

  12. What are all you people talking about? In pre war Europe, the best Yeshiva’s were supported by non frum donors! That’s right, the Chofeitz Chaim’s ZT”L Yeshiva in Radin, had some very big supporter’s who were Mechallelay Shabbos r”l! There was a famous story where after the Chofetz Chaim recieved a large donation from a Mechalel Shabbos, started to cry. The donor asked him, Rebbe, why are you crying? Is the donation not big enough? The Chofetz Chaim responded, no, the donation is gevaldik – “but your goldenah hand is going to burn in Gehennom”! Duz is geven the Heilager Chofetz Chaim ZT”L. He let the frie mentch give Tzidaka, BUT HE WASN’T MICHANEF AN AVARIAN!

  13. Just to stress, he was the guest speaker, not the guest of honor.

    Before people go off condemning the school, or the next big mosad that does something along those lines, contact them. Things are quiet enough now that I’m sure you can find someone to talk to. Don’t foment machlokes till you’ve at least done that.

  14. I was in the choir at the dinner last night, which is a great choir led by Rabbi Yerachmiel Stewart, and he said that the choir was great!


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