Veitzener Cheder Named Torah Umesorah School of the Year


veitzenerTorah Umesorah has chosen the Veitzener Cheder as this year’s “Torah Umesorah’s Hersh Potok Memorial School of the Year”. Both the Dean, Rav Moshe Yosef Unger, shlita, and the President of the Executive Board, Rabbi Zvi Feiner, will accept the award on behalf of the School at Torah Umesorah’s upcoming dinner, to be held Sunday, March 14th, 2010.

Torah Umesorah sends representatives to monitor schools across the country and its expert mechanchim have a clear understanding of how a superior school functions. In watching the steady progress of the Veitzener Cheder, they were tremendously impressed. 

According to Rabbi Zvi Feiner, “The award is in recognition of our providing an excellent, well-balanced chinuch – a model of chinuch of Torah Umesorah’s ideals.

When asked what he saw in the Cheder, Rabbi Moshe Possick Torah Umesorah’s Director of School and Personnel Services said, “I was highly impressed by both the limudei kodesh and limudei chol curriculum as well as the special emphasis on middos that is so complimented by the heimish flavor that the school exudes.”

The arrival of the Cheder’s Menahel, Rabbi Hillel Mandel, at the beginning of the year has added a new dimension to the school. The impact of Rabbi Mandel, a star mechanech has enhanced an already great school.

Rabbi Feiner says, “The unique chinuch we provide is reminiscent of European chadarim complete with the varmkeit-warmth, leibedigkeit, and fiery passion for learning and shtieging, concurrent with the most up-to-date methodology and technology. In addition, the Cheder has enhanced our community with role models for rebbeim, talmidim and families that successfully integrate our traditional values of mentchlichkeit, ehrlechkeit, simchas hachaim and aspirations for gadlus with the socioeconomic realities of today’s world.”

The Veitzener Cheder is located in Chicago, Il., a community known for its excellence in chinuch on all levels. Today, the Cheder is among the most popular schools in the area. As mentioned, the Veitzener Cheder is proud of the recognition bestowed upon them by Torah Umesorah. Likewise, Torah Umesorah is equally honored to have the opportunity to recognize this worthy school.

Join Torah Umesorah at the Dinner on Sunday, March 14th, 2010 the 66th Anniversary at the new “The Palace” hall in Brooklyn, where the Veitzener Cheder and its tremendous accomplishments will be hailed. 

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  1. A wonderful school indeed. The president of the Cheder – R’ Zvi Feiner is a young askan who is an amazing person.

    Kudos to Torah Umesorah for picking this school. A great choice!


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