VAX TO THE MAX: Is Ostracizing Anti-Vaxxers a Good Idea?



I have some close family and friends that are ‘non-vaxers’ or delay vaccinations. Over the past few years I have had many discussions with them regarding their decision not to vaccinate.

To my great surprise I learned that despite all my years of medical education and medical work experience they actually know much more about vaccines than I do. I may not agree with all of their decisions since that is the nature of a controversy, but I do know that these are rational people, law abiding citizens, who simply made different decisions regarding health choices for their family. They researched vaccine history and vaccine laws. They ask their pediatricians for the insert that comes along with the vaccine to help them make informed decisions. They study the many vaccine recalls over the years and read through the thousands of reports on VAERS stating adverse reactions caused by vaccines.

These are people who want to know why despite having such a messy history, vaccine companies – unlike any other drug company – are completely immune from lawsuits. These are people that demand to know why there isn’t even ONE case study on vaccines performed with a control group. These people have made their decision after thorough research and investigation. They are extremely passionate about their decision and rejecting them from our shuls and sending their kids away from our schools will not make them change their mind.

Since vaccines are categorized as preventative medicine, they believe that one should not inject healthy people with preventative medicine if there are risk factors involved. I am not promoting non-vaccination; I am simply explaining their school of thought.

I currently know of two families from Lakewood and one from Brooklyn that are making plans of moving away to other communities. Think of how hurt and bullied they must feel to be taking such an extreme step. Moving far from family, new schools for kids, further traveling to work. They are so passionate about not vaccinating, that they rather uproot their lives than the latter.

Was this our goal? Bully you till you conform, or suggest you leave because you’re not welcome in our schools and shuls? Is this the kind of people we are?

Once our kids will be in cleansed schools that contain a student body of 100% vaccinated children, have we truly guaranteed their safety from communicable viruses? Will they never be exposed to unvaccinated people in the train, bus, mall, airport, or local playground? Do we ask to see vaccine records from cleaning help that we bring into our homes? From the guests we invite to our Shabbos meals? Are we living by double standards?

The schools in Lakewood do not accept medical exempt forms anymore. So there are children with suppressed immune systems or previous adverse reactions from vaccines who cannot receive many of the vaccines and they are not welcome in our schools. The public schools accept exemption forms, the health department recognizes that vaccines are not compatible with everyone and yet we reject these children. Is our behavior logical?

My goal in this letter to is not to get into a pro/anti vaccine discussion. It is to give some perspective on the consequences of our approach regarding this controversy. The current tactic of ostracizing productive community member by bullying them into vaccination is NOT WORKING. It is causing more negativity and hard feelings than anything else. If the idea is to have them conform at all costs or leave our community then we are definitely succeeding.

We need to ask ourselves: What is our true goal? What truly keeps us safe?

B. K.

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  1. maybe the issue isn’t anti vaccine as much as there is no alternative… its all or nothing.

    This is not true. What is taken by the majority are live virus vaccines… there are such a thing as dead virus vaccines. With the dead virus you take a series over an 18 month period. Its actually the correct way to administer vaccines, to build a child’s immunity to a disease is better and less obtrusive over time than one big dose, however it not practical for the masses.

    Vaccines are necessary… the toxic big pharma ones are not the way to vaccinate your child. We should stop the anti vaccine movement and ask anti vaxxers to seek the alternatives…. now their children will be vaccinated.

    • At 1t I was chasidish -made fun ofthen became yeshivish-made fun of. Then mod ortho-laughed at. trid OTD and everyone hated me. Now we vent nauural no VAX and we are scourned, Why is this happening to me?
      No way out.

      • why is not a question for a yid with Yiras Shomayim…

        having said that, there are alternatives to the standard vaccine protocols, do some research or call me

  2. I NEVER read such an APropriate articlee in the past MONTH!!!!!
    thank youuuu for submitting this!!!!!
    YOU are COMPLETELY right!!!!! 100%!!!
    and JUSt know that anyone who starts mocking your article they ar ejust bored! trying to find entertainment on the internet!!!
    thank you! and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE submit this article to the lakewoodscoop and theyeshivaworld!!!!

  3. No need to leave just open up your own school and own shul. There must be many who would join, the many who know so much more than the rest of the informed population.

  4. Actually there have been control studies, and were covered up and rigged to not show accurate results…. , and 12 out of 13 people had major medical issues within a few days, such as serious cognitive impairment resulting in 4 car accidents and the vaccine pharma companies wrote it off as a coincidence

    • and other Jewish sites are equally guilty of covering up the truth and allowing rigged studies to be posted as accurate for the innocent (read: naive) readers. I thought it’s only doctors who are afraid that their medical license will be removed if they dare speak out. But what do these Jewish sites gain from lying or not allowing the full truth? Are they all paid by Big Pharma and the CDC?

  5. What a stupid opinion piece masquerading as news
    Vision impaired people are also law abiding , well meaning citizens. But they should never be allowed behind the wheel of a car
    All the anti vaccine propaganda has been debunked as pseudoscience and most of the authors as having fudged or outright fabricatrd their credentials
    Those that don’t vaccinate their children are putting the rest of us at risk ( there have already been 2 fatalities)
    They need to be ostracized. Period

  6. Thank you Matzav for posting. I was so nervous that the vaccination stories would come to an end. I mamesh couldn’t sleep last night, racked with worry. Thank you for making my day. Please try to post another story with SHOCKING HEADLINES all in CAPS at lunch time. I need to constantly recharge with new anonymous letters regarding measles and vaccines.

  7. A logical and well-written letter.

    But, if money and bullying talk, then we will see more accusatory comments which lack any sort of substance.

  8. The only Rabbanim who’ve actually done research on vaccinations and found it to have fatal risks
    VS. doctors following the self-interest of medical professionals and drug companies.

    • so what about frum doctors? are they in it for the money all the way????? are frum doctors secretly not giving their families vaccines? grow up

  9. I do not believe your information in accurate.
    To my knowledge, no school in Lakewood is not accepting a medical exemption. Many are not accepting RELIGIOUS exemptions (for obvious reasons….).
    The students with medical exemptions are told not to come to school for these 3 weeks of an outbreak, but otherwise ARE allowed in schools.

  10. Well intentioned, but perverse and backward logic.

    Chazal have already responded to this letter. אמר ריב”ל כל שהוא רחמן על אכזרים לסוף נעשה אכזר על הרחמנים

    Loose, but accurate, translation: Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi taught: Anyone who displays compassion (i.e. understanding, tolerance, and sensitivity) to those who are cruel (i.e. reckless, irresponsible, and threatening), will ultimately find that they themselves have become cruel and threatening to those who are vulnerable, innocent and deserving of protection.

  11. I think that you should,all stop driving cars because you are risking the lives of my kids. 3 kids died of car accidents in Monsey lately. Do as I tell you to do, or don’t come to shul you ritzeach anti walllker. Work closer to home and homeschool your kids instead of killing babies with your cars.

  12. To quote Reb Shlomo Miller, a respected posek who is well versed in the sciences “anyone claiming a religious exemption does not belong in our schools, as they are not part of our religion.”
    Dr. Alan Wertzberger, a respected, frum pediatrician claims to have done double blind studies in Monroe, and is extremely pro-vaccine.

    • Apparently you can’t wrap your brain around the difference between an efficacy trial and a safety study.
      No worries though…
      this is typical of the radicals…

  13. I don’t believe that the is a “letter to the editor.” I believe that Matzav was too scared to write out as their own. Even if it was submitted Matzav only posted it because it is their opinion as well. That being said your logic is seriously flawed. I won’t get into every detail but your claim of people being, “bullied,” is pathetic. Stop fighting our Dr.’s. Stop fighting our gedolim. Stop thinking that you know better.

    • UMMM Moshe (10:17am) Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky and Rav Malkiel Kotler are 2 well known Gedolim who say not to give shots. So why are you saying the anti vaxxers are not listening to Gedolim?????

        • Call them and ask them. They have not changed their minds. RL people die every day from all sorts of dreadful diseases but just because someone dies doesnt mean everything you believe in is out the window.

          Are we asking the candy man in Shul to stop feeding kids all that sugar because it is possible they may develop diabetes? something scientifically and medically proven to be a direct cause of diabetes?

          Are we throwing out of shuls and schools all principals, rabbeim and mispallelim who smoke or vape because 2nd hand smoke has been scientifically and medically proven to be a direct cause of cancer

          Are we not allowing anyone who has been ticketed for texting while driving to no longer live in our community because it has been scientifically and medically proven that they are a direct threat to potentially killing innocent people because of their lack of caring and stupidity?

          Please just stop with all this nonsensical bullying. We are not CNN or the NYT that reports only what we want and only the way we want people to see it just so they think our way is the only way to go

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  15. If the author really had a medical education they would be able write better and be aware of the extensive research on vaccines.

    • Do you really think that doctors investigate the studies on every single drug, vaccine, treatment that they propose? They wouldn’t have time to practice if they did. It’s well known that a) medical school education on vaccines is minimal and b) doctors basically rely on what the FDA, drug reps, etc. tell them.
      Why don’t you post some links to all this extensive research you claim exists? Have you looked at any of it yourself?
      Not impressed.

  16. This letter is likely written by an anti-vaxxer, certainly not by an educated physician as they claim to be. The anti-vaxx crowd is now attempting to have physicians write “medical exemptions’ based on a boiler plate list of illnesses and conditions that they are promoting on their hotlines and websites. Furthermore, the health departments are now and have always accepted legitimate medical exemptions which is a very narrow and small number of children( those who are in the midst or shortly after chemotherapy or radiation therapy). Matzaz should not post misinformation such as this piece, it’s just false. When a child with a medical exemption is excluded from school during a health emergency circumstance like the one we are currently experiencing, it is for their safety so that they will not be unnecessarily put at-risk. When an anti-vaxxer is excluded it is to decrease the likelihood that they will bring an infection into a schools and have it spread. There is a difference between the two groups obviously. This letter is very suspect and is highly misleading. They need to be ostracized in order to protect the dramatic majority of families who do the right thing. Home schooling, don’t walk into our shuls and certainly don’t marry into an anti-vaxx family. They are not rational or reasonable.

    • You are wrong the I had a legitimate medical exemptions for one of my children from one of the highly respected pediatrician in the frum community and the DOH invalidated it based that my doctor doesn’t know what he is talking about I know of another case that the DOH was arguing with the pediatrician till the pediatrician told the DOH “DO YOU WANT THIS KID TO DIE” and they backed off

  17. The irony of it all? Just like chickenpox, measles is a common childhood infection that’s typically mild and was a “rite of passage” for generations. Today, the media takes a few isolated cases of extreme measles and pretends like all children are in extreme danger without immunization. It’s all sensationalism, propaganda, fear mongering and medical corruption at the highest levels. In fact, Measles deaths were virtually nonexistent prior to the introduction of the result-falsified vaccine, which is now triggering outbreaks through what is termed “vaccine virus shedding.”

    Worried about diseases most human bodies beat and never catch again? Maybe you should be worried much more about death by vaccine. While no person has been reported to or by the CDC to have died from the Measles from 2004 through 2015, more than one hundred people have DIED from the Measles vaccine, according to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). That’s serious business and one of the reasons that vaccine injury settlements are kept out of the mass media news – always.

  18. Informative and well written. I just googled VEARS, I had no idea there exists a database for so many reports of adverse reactions from vaccines. Definitely something to think about…

  19. To Vaccines vs. God Given Immune System
    If any of your loved ones would Chas V’Shalom be diagnosed with cancer, would you simply accept the failure of their “God Given Immune System”? Your cult like indoctrination has omitted the unfortunate reality that many ,if not all, cancers are failures of the human immune system. Cancer cells circulate in the human body and are kept in check by a healthy immune system. Occasionally, the cancer cells outsmart the immune system and results in disease. Most of the newest cancer fighting innovations are based on this treatment called immunotherapy. Another way of describing immunotherapy is training the immune system to recognize the invading cancer cells and kill them. I apologize for inconveniencing you with real science and real data but that is the basis of medicine. Facts, knowledge and training. Your misuse of the “immune system” argument is baseless. G-d gave humans the same immune system that fails a cancer patient. It does not mean that we give up on G-d or our immune system. It’s just one more example of an anti-vaxxer using science selectively to assist tin their cause.

    • Science should be used selectively is exactly right! It’s never an all or nothing except for religion. And let’s not forget that the very same pro vaxxers /disease injectors, berated this very same DOH when it came to metzitza bpeh. Not selective here buddy?

  20. One of the side effects as per the insert in the vaccine is death c”v. According to the Torah one should not kill them selves in order to save another life. Giving a vaccine to a child which may cause death c”v in order to prevent death from measles in an immunocompromised child c”v Is not according to our Torah. This is a religious reason . Therefore a religious exemption would be in order

    • Side effect of breathing is death. Side effect of drinking water is death. In halachah, as well as science, one weight the probability of adverse effects against the positive outcome. The benefit of vaccination fare outweighs the minuscule probability of death.

      • Here goes a pro-vaxxer with his vaxxed train of thought. When it comes to children, parents get to choose when it comes to probability of death not the government’s DOH. Thankfully, the law is on our side. The vaxxer community wants to impose it’s will on others, and that never works buddy. Vax yourself as much as you please, but leave everyone else alone. And yes, stop driving your car today because there is a chance that you will be hitting and killing a kid or adult with it. In fact, you, by using a car are much likelier to kill someone, than your false rhetoric that people that don’t vaccinate are killing babies. Several kids died in Jewish areas last year in car accidents. If all vaxxers were to walk to work and home-schooled their children, then more kids may have lived. You anti walllker!

    • To clarify on my earlier post above, point to ponder, this does not mean c”v to cause any harm to an immuno compromised child. But to cause harm to one child to potentially not harm a second one is not the answer.
      One needs to take other steps to prevent disease,but a harmful vaccine should not be the answer.

  21. One of the side effects as per the insert in the vaccine is death c”v. According to the Torah one should not kill them selves in order to save another life. Giving a vaccine to a child which may cause death c”v in order to prevent death from measles in an immunocompromised child c”v Is not according to our Torah. This is a religious reason . Therefore a religious exemption would be in order

    • You post twice, so I respond twice:

      Side effect of breathing is death. Side effect of drinking water is death. In halachah, as well as science, one weighs the probability of adverse effects against the positive outcome. The benefit of vaccination fare outweighs the minuscule probability of death.

    • To clarify on my earlier post above, “comment”, this does not mean c”v to cause any harm to an immuno compromised child. But to cause harm to one child to potentially not harm a second one is not the answer.
      One needs to take other steps to prevent disease,but a harmful vaccine should not be the answer.

  22. I think enough doctors and enough Rabbonim have already said we ALL need to be vaccinated. Letters like this, and any unsubstantiated claims of Rabbinic or medical support for not vaccinating are harmful. Measels being a serious disease that kills children, rachmana litzlon, should NEVER be taken lightly. There is ZERO Rabbinic or medical support for anti vaxxers, hence no supporting letters from Rabbonim or from established medical sources/groups. To the contrary we have only seen letters supporting vaccination. Anti establishment conspiracy theorists should be shunned and their opinions, like in this fake letter, ignored. NOBODY has the right to put other people in danger against the advice of everyone else. AL TIFROSH MIN HATZIBBUR.

  23. One of the side effects as per the insert in the vaccine is death c”v. According to the Torah one should not kill them selves in order to save another life. Giving a vaccine to a child which may cause death c”v in order to prevent death from measles in an immunocompromised child c”v Is not according to our Torah. This is a religious reason . Therefore a religious exemption would be in order

    • Strike three. You’re out.

      Side effect of breathing is death. Side effect of drinking water is death. In halachah, as well as science, one weighs the probability of adverse effects against the positive outcome. The benefit of vaccination fare outweighs the minuscule probability of death.

    • so now vaccines automatically result in death? thats a new one. do the people getting worried about the vaccines read the side effects of a aspirin bottle? or check how much mercury is in the tuna fish they give their kids daily?
      just like people getting skittish from bpa in plastic which was proved that their was no reason to get scared. and jump to untested plastic formulations!

    • To clarify on my earlier post above, point to ponder, this does not mean c”v to cause any harm to an immuno compromised child. But to cause harm to one child to potentially not harm a second one is not the answer.
      One needs to take other steps to prevent disease,but a harmful vaccine should not be the answer.

  24. In response to bishtei einayim in “al tifrosh min hazzibur” – this is not always the case. Please read the following from Rav Dessler:

    Quoted from his works (in biography by ’ Yonason rosenblum) – “And above all, do not despair upon discovering that the rest of the world seems headed in the opposite direction. Truth is always hidden, always the minority, always the exception.”
    “And on the societal level, Rabbi Dessler stressed that the only unit of measure is the individual. Jewish history begins with a solitary individual on one side against the entire world. One lonely man of faith triumphed over the multitudes. That was the lesson Avraham implanted in the Jewish people for all time. As the prophet puts it, “one alone I summoned him (Avraham) and will bless him and make him many”

    Sometimes the right thing to do is not the popular thing to do.

    • Rav Dessler is talking about Jews versus the rest of the world, not when the Poskim and (Jewish) Doctors say to vaccinate.

      You are twisting the words of the Gedolim to your narrative. Your narrative is an accessory to murder.

  25. I have a simple request: I am sure we would all agree that aluminum in the brain is not a good thing.

    Therefore, for all of you who believe that the aluminum in vaccines is safe, you must have either done your own research or relied on someone else who did the research. Therefore can you please post for us the studies (or even one study) you have read that state aluminum adjuvants in vaccines are safe for children (or adults for that matter). If you have relied on other parties, please ask them to share with you these studies, so you can share them with all of us. Thank you in advance.

    I have done my own research and the studies that I have found show that aluminum from the vaccines is going to the brain. Here is what I found:

    In BMC Medicine: Slow CCL2-dependent translocation of biopersistent particles from muscle to brain

    EXCERPT: Results: Intramuscular injection of alum-containing vaccine was associated with the appearance of aluminum deposits in distant organs, such as spleen and brain where they were still detected one year after injection.

    In Frontiers from Neurology : Biopersistence and brain translocation of aluminum adjuvants of vaccines

    EXCERPT: Aluminum oxyhydroxide (alum) is a crystalline compound widely used as an immunological adjuvant of vaccines. Concerns linked to the use of alum particles emerged following recognition of their causative role in the so-called macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF) lesion detected in patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue/syndrome. MMF revealed an unexpectedly long-lasting biopersistence of alum within immune cells in presumably susceptible individuals, stressing the previous fundamental misconception of its biodisposition. We previously showed that poorly biodegradable aluminum-coated particles injected into muscle are promptly phagocytosed in muscle and the draining lymph nodes, and can disseminate within phagocytic cells throughout the body and slowly accumulate in brain. (biodegradable means the body can break something down and get rid of it)

    In Elsevier – Toxicology : Non-linear dose-response of aluminium hydroxide adjuvant particles: Selective low dose neurotoxicity

    EXCERPT: Aluminium (Al) oxyhydroxide (Alhydrogel1), the main adjuvant licensed for human and animal vaccines, consists of primary nanoparticles that spontaneously agglomerate. Concerns about its safety emerged following recognition of its unexpectedly long-lasting biopersistence within immune cells in some individuals, and reports of chronic fatigue syndrome, cognitive dysfunction, myalgia, dysautonomia and autoimmune/inflammatory features temporally linked to multiple Al-containing vaccine administrations. Mouse experiments have documented its capture and slow transportation by monocyte-lineage cells from the injected muscle to lymphoid organs and eventually the brain.

    Accepted Manuscript: Critical analysis of reference studies on the toxicokinetics of aluminum-based adjuvants to appear in: Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry Received date: 29 May 2017 Revised date: 21 December 2017 Accepted date: 22 December 2017 Foot note: This paper has been previously published in French in Annales Pharmaceutiques Françaises.

    EXCERPT: In mice Al hydroxide particles are indeed transported by cells of monocytic lineage, first to the draining lymph nodes and then, probably via the thoracic duct, to the bloodstream, then reaching distant organs such as the spleen or even the brain, where slow and delayed accumulation can be observed in microglial cells and neurons [50, 69]

    On, from Morphologie: Aluminum adjuvants of vaccines injected into the muscle: Normal fate, pathology and associated disease

    EXCERPT: Safety concerns largely depend on the long biopersistence time inherent to this adjuvant, which may be related to its quick withdrawal from the interstitial fluid by avid cellular uptake; and the capacity of adjuvant particles to migrate and slowly accumulate in lymphoid organs and the brain, a phenomenon documented in animal models and resulting from MCP1/CCL2-dependant translocation of adjuvant-loaded monocyte-lineage cells (Trojan horse phenomenon). These novel insights strongly suggest that serious re-evaluation of long-term aluminum adjuvant phamacokinetics and safety should be carried out.

    • Oh, so now it’s aluminum in the brain. What about the mercury in your tuna bagel? What about the most deadly compound, dihydrogen oxide, which makes up 97% of your body mass.

      Your such an epedemiological expert, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Eating mercury or aluminum is different than having it injected into your bloodstream. What you eat, gets excreted from the body. What is injected, stays in the body. Why don’t you do some of your own research instead of relying on others for info? If you find out different info you can contact the authors of those medical studies with your results.

      • I don’t know if your comment was made seriously or in jest. But if you were serious, there is a big difference with touching aluminum foil and having it injected into your bloodstream. And when you ingest aluminum through food you may eat, it is excreted from the body. But the kind of aluminum that gets injected with a vaccine does not leave the body. Why don’t you do some research and check it out yourself?

    • Information overload. I think I’m going to watch Johnny Carson reruns to clear the head. Shew!

  26. The article “feels” suspicious. Such as: “The schools in Lakewood do not accept medical exempt forms anymore.” Well, maybe because during an outbreak (like currently) the health department won’t allow them? Or “are completely immune from lawsuits”, which feels like an outright falsification (they have been sued and have lost when appropriate). The methodology of the lawsuit is different than other lawsuits, but there is no obstacle in suing.

    But more to the point, these “insert that comes along with the vaccine” are available on-line (as example, “Institute for Vaccine Safety” Johns Hopkins). A random sampling shows all have the same pattern. Don’t take if you have an allergy to an ingredient (and keep epinephrine handy), or a depressed immune system, or taking certain listed medications or are suffering from certain medical conditions (sometimes pregnancy is listed).

    The same warnings would hold true for, example, eating a peanut or pineapple. To quote from the pineapple web site: “Women who are pregnant should avoid eating large amounts of pineapple … you should avoid eating large amounts of pineapple in the two weeks prior to any type of surgery or invasive medical procedure … if you are taking blood-thinning medications … large amounts of pineapple should be avoided by patients with liver or kidney disease.”.

    So isn’t it shocking that pineapple (and peanuts for that matter) are sold openly all over the place when it can kill people?

    For that matter, why allow food at all. There is a very long history of people choking to death on food, so stop selling it already and outlaw eating any.

    The reality is that by law, everything reported (headaches, eye pain, stomach ache etc etc etc) within a certain time frame by the participants of medical trials (and vaccines do have medical trials) must be recorded and usually makes its way to the “inserts”. These have never been shown to have a causal relation.

  27. “Is Ostracizing Anti-Vaxxers a Good Idea?”
    As a vehement opponent of the anti-vaxxers, the unequivocal answer is “Of course not”.
    Anti-vaxxers who refuse to vaccinate their own kids are dangerously misguided and misinformed. They are also loving parents whose sole motivation is to do what’s best for their kids. They and their kids may need to be excluded from some social activities, especially at a time of danger, but it should go no further. They should not be humiliated, shamed or excluded from anything as a punishment – the only bans they should face are those deemed necessary for safety, period. They are wrong; they are not evil and they don’t deserve punishment.

    Those who knowingly spread misinformation about vaccine safety for personal profit or any other reason are in a different category entirely – they are resho’im and would-be murderers who deserve far more severe punishment than mere ostracization.

  28. I read your letter and I’m sick (excuse the pun) These anti vaxers remind me of the story of the guy who was in a sinking boat. He calls out Hashem please save me. Immediately a ship passes and throws him a ladder. The sinking man calls out “thank you but hashem will save me.” Soon a helicopter flies over and drops him a rope again he says “thank you but Hashem will save me.” A little while later he is standing before Hashem and he asks” Hashem I davened why didn’t you save me.?” Every mainstream medical professional says to vaccinate, and these reshoim come up with silly excuses as to why they are allowed to make others sick. Let them move away. Let them move to some commune with people who have polio and smallpox. Oh, there is in no polio or smallpox anymore I wonder why.

  29. YOU ALL ARE OVERtiRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TAKE A NAP!!!!!




  30. Has no one been able to share with us studies that show aluminum is safe in our children’s bodies? I am sure that you have either done your own research or asked your medical professionals about this – so please share with us what you found out. Thank you very much.


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