Vaad Hayeshivos Travel Instructions For Yeshiva Students

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Following the arrest of a number of yeshiva students who traveled overseas without proper IDF permits and lost their army exemptions, the Vaad Hayeshivos sent a circular to yeshivos warning that bochurim should scrupulously observe IDF regulations when traveling overseas in the summer bein hazemanim.

The letter warned that special permission is required even if a bochur leaves Israel for his wedding and even if he intends to return within the permitted timeframe. Students between the ages of 18 and 22 years old may travel a total of sixty days during that four year period and older students may travel overseas for thirty days a year.

Every request to travel overseas must be accompanied by a rosh yeshiva’s letter consenting to the trip.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. “Following the arrest” ??? So, what happened to those bachurim? They lost their army exemptions and now what? They are being drafted?
    Where was vaad hayeshivos when they needed them – to publicize this information BEFOREHAND so that this wouldn’t happen, and to intervene afterward and extricate the bachurim from their predicament?

  2. Half a year ago, Harav Dov Landau requested of Vaad Hayeshivos that they publicize exactly this issue re: travelling abroad. Their response? They have other rabbanim that they follow, not Harav Landau.
    Two months ago, the streets of Geula etc. were plastered with notices from Vaad Hayeshivos instructing bachurim not to read the brochures published by Vaad Hatzalah, in which the askanim of Vaad Hatzalah explain all the regulations applying to bachurim with deferments.
    And now this!

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