Vaad Hakashrus of the Five Towns Requires Stores to Install Video Cameras



  1. I have seen over the years how easy it is to sneak something past or fool a mashgiach no matter how good and reliable he ma be.

    • If the owner of a food business is suspected of sneaking unauthorized ingredients into his food I wouldn’t eat there no matter which hashgocha organization gives their certification. Although they have caught deliberate use of treif ingredients on occasion, I rely upon mashgichim to prevent honest mistakes, not to detect instances of skulduggery.

      • hey if that’s the case what about the manufacturing of food? what about the food ingredients? coming from China and other countries? live on water alone?

        • Why would the origin of a food product make any difference? If the owner of the company is suspected of using tarfus, especially if he’s been actually caught trying to trick the mashgiach and add treif ingredients, I wouldn’t use his products regardless of hashgocha.
          Wouldn’t anyone do the same with a manufacturer who was caught deliberately using dangerous or unsafe ingredients in their food? Kashrus is no less important.

  2. I once busted a worker bringing in non kosher ingredients to a restaurant. Had I not been there at that minute, I would have never known. Its about time they’re getting up to date.

  3. While this is a positive development, it isn’t as big as you would think. It’s virtually impossible for an agency to review cameras from all establishments. What ends up happening is that the cameras are rarely checked however, they come in handy in proving a violation which in itself raises the level of “mirsas”.


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