UTJ: New Government ‘Hateful, Evil, Corrupt, Disloyal,’ etc.


utj-yahadut-hatorah-mksMKs of the United Torah Jewry slammed the new government, heaped invective on its members, and expressed their wishes for its rapid demise at a meeting. In a meeting summing up the the party’s efforts to join the government, and its ultimate failure to do so, MKs called the new government “disloyal,” “corrupt,” “hateful,” “evil,” and more.

Party chairman MK Meir Porush said that with his decision to form a government with Yesh Atid and Bayit Yehudi, to the exclusion of chareidi parties, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had “betrayed” his historic alliance with the chareidim. “Netanyahu is incapable of keeping promises,” he said. “This is a government of puppets, and it is quickly running out of time. Netanyahu will be incapable of managing with his partners. He is too tired, and the puppets will be controlled by puppetmaster Lapid. Such a government will be unable to last for too long.”

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  1. So in summary, the government that they ***took great efforts to get into**** (even threatening to throw YESHA under the bus and join a Labour coalition) is disloyal,” “corrupt,” “hateful,” “evil,” and more ***without them****.

    sounds like hollow posturing

  2. Before people call another group names , they should first look in the mirror and see who is throwing stones in a glass house.

  3. The new government is “disloyal”?
    the new government and their sons and sons-in-law will serve in the IDF and protect Eretz Yisroel and Am Yisroel.

  4. as lapid said in his now famous musar shmuze, we have won. He is not a fool, he wants Israel to survive and knows that we have the secret. He wants us to get more involved in the Jewish State. From our point of view, it would be much easier to impact the Jews of Israel if we weren’t so interested in self preservation, vilifying our “foes – brothers- sic” and being supported. We now are in a great position of strength. Everyone will want to court our vote. As participatory members of a society we can make real changes. We can wake up and participate or continue to fight windmills. HaShem did not intend us to be a nonviable subculture sponging off of those who come to hate Torah due to our posture but to be, as the Rambam describes, a Kiddush HaShem. (Yesodei HaTorah chapter 5, halacha 11)

  5. It was a chiddush when R’ Schach Z’L allowed the chareidi parties to join the coalition. But to sit and complain that the chareidim were excluded is taking it to a whole new level.

  6. Let’s make a diyuk. This govt is being called bad, so the prev govts must not have been bad. So why in the past no tefila for medina, and why all the blasting of the medina in the “mussar” shmuessen and yarchei kallahs, etc.? Maybe the hamon am got tired of all the compliments from the chareidi community, no matter how much they bent over backwards for them. So now they decided to elect a “bad” govt.

  7. #5

    Please check your facts before you post them.

    They DID NOT refuse to join!! Lapid refused to let them join!! And bibi did not have another option forming coalition w/o Lapid (as Benett made a deal to only go together with Lapid)

  8. Look in the old siddur Otzar Hatefilos, before Yekum Purkan, and you will see a tefila for the rasha Czar Nicholas II, which mentions him and his family members by their complete first and last names. That was permissible, and not against any halachic or kabbalistic principles. But to mention the Medina, which is not any worse to Torah Jews than the USA, which Reb Moshe called a medinah shel chesed, suddenly becomes a big halachic and kabbalistic problem. (Reasons given include we don’t have the power to initiate new tefilos). Puhleeease. (What about mishna Hevei misplallel bishlomah shel malchus? Does that exclude EY?)

    It is this type of constant denigration that got the frum oilam where it is now.

  9. People are so oblivious to reality here. Throwing comments like they had a choice to join but refused, obviously these people don’t know that Lapid said it’s either him or Shas! And spewing hatred like sour grapes. Please wake up the Torah is under major threat, and the sar shel eisav is dancing. This not a simple matter like oh its Democracy, or perhaps everyone should share the burden! If everyone shares “the burden” there would be no burden left! The secular are only to happy to turn charedim into secular living for nothing on stolen land type of jews. The charedim keep the flame of Torah alight. The Mizrachim already surrendered on everything from conversion to civil marriages! We are in trouble the boat is sinking and too many frum Yidden are farkoift to the lies of the fraya and half fraya mizrachim that shake hands with women, listen to kol isha, I even saw one of Bennetts party members a woman live on Israeli media kissing Bennett. And there are a host of areas where their shmiras hamitzvois is not in line with the Torah so yes the entire yidishkeit is under threat and also because they are taking over the rabanut and misrat hadatot. it’s nothing but sad.

  10. Kudos no 15, well done, someone posting like an ehrliche yid. I am as upset as everyone as to what has gone on , but whats with all this name calling. This is not the Torah way.

  11. I think that if instead of calling them names, we would meet and work out a compromise with Lapid, they would do a lot better.

  12. #6, the ones that protect Am Yisroel and Eretz Yirael are learning the holy Torah. The moment that ceases R”L, the IDF with all their weaponry and might will fold like a cheap camera.Look no further than the 6 day war, Y”K war and other wars Israel “fought”. Without Torah, they would have been defeated. So get your facts straight and stop living in a fantasy world

  13. What a wonderful way to salvage something from a difficult situation !? Would they say these things to any other problematic government they didn’t like but had to live with? Our political leaders need seichel. No more whining even if there is a basis for it!

  14. What a beautiful Kiddush Hashem. May the Chareidi parties continue to act appropriately even in the face of defeat and continue to be a Light unto Nations.


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