UTJ: Draft Law Failure Proves Us Right


utjThe United Torah Judaism party today issued a statement strongly protesting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s remarks following the collapse of the Keshet Committee tasked with drafting a replacement for the controversial Tal Law.

The committee was formed in response to a February ruling by the Supreme Court ruled that the Tal Law, which allowed hareidim to indefinitely postpone IDF, but also provided a way for them to serve and then gradually enter the job market, was unconstitutional and must be replaced by July 31.

Netanyahu earlier on Monday told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, “I am committed to a more egalitarian division of the burden, and I have said this before.”

“I believe in this and I believe that the equality on sharing the burden must include all of Israel’s citizens – including the hareidi and the Arab sectors – and I believe that there is a way to achieve this.”

“I hope we succeed to solve this during our current efforts,” he added, “but eventually it will be achieved. One way or another this thing will be achieved, because the state of Israel needs a more egalitarian division of the burden.”

In response, UTJ said, “We demand the Prime Minister honor the coalition agreement and have the Knesset pass a law allowing the continued existence of the Torah world, and protecting the status of Torah scholars.”

We “protest and express outrage at the conduct of the Keshet Committee under MK Plesner, who ignored all suggestions that were put to him by professional bodies, both civil and military, including cancellation of conscription for everyone, and ignoring other solutions that were never discussed.”

“Instead of discussing all these issues, the committee only discussed ways to undermine the Hareidi community, including sanctions against Torah scholars, their families and their children, which is not practical, is disproportionate, and amounts to violating human rights.

“United Torah Judaism says the committee’s collapse is proof of the righteousness of our decision to participate in the committee’s deliberations. Plesner’s conclusions were known and written in advance, and only deepened the rift and divide between our the people.

UTJ protests “against all those who gave backing for the establishment of the committee. The Prime Minister agreed to its formation, as did Kadima chairman Shaul Mofaz among others. All were responsible for the way the committee has turned out.”

We express our home that “the Prime Minister will hold to the original coalition agreement, and will promptly put forth a bill that would allow the continued existence of the Torah world and its students,” the statement concluded.


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The Tal Law issue is a litmus test for all the various sects and groups in Israel. There is an optimal solution. A viable plan exists, but the problem is that certain interest groups are digging in and are not willing to yield ground. There is a glaring fault with the dominant government system in the West, and that includes the State of Israel. Democracy ensures everyone is equal, so no one can give orders or criticize. A decent command structure breaks down. The Jews however do have a proud tradition of heeding the highest opinion. Witness the great Talmudic discussions. The problem now is that the best and brightest opinions may be being marginalized and silenced by certain people with vested interests in maintaining the status quo.


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