US To Tighten Entry Policy In Light Of Terror Wave


passportTwo weeks after the series of terror attacks that shook Paris, the United States announced that it is introducing changes to its entry policy into US territory. According to the decision, the citizens of 38 countries will now have to go through security checks before entering the country.

The US claimed that this was an expected move in light of the recent attacks in Europe. The new regulations will apply to the citizens of countries that are not required to show an entry visa upon arriving to the US, which include several European countries, as well as New Zealand, Australia, Chile and South Korea.

The US Department of Homeland Security is expected to further aggravate the entry regulations and to collect biometric information such as fingerprints from those who enter the country. Passengers who will be requested to undergo such procedures, according to the US Administration, are those who visited countries that are “fertile ground for terror.”

In addition, the White House announced that it will ask Congress to authorize heavier fines on airline companies that do not properly verify the identity of their passengers.

Jerusalem Online



  1. This, and not refugees, is how terrorists would most easily enter the US. Kudos to the Obama administration for taking this first step. And no kudos to the Republicans who have been wasting time arguing about refugees.


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