U.S. Tennis Association Requiring Frum Team to Play On Shabbos Or Forfeit


tennisJewish leaders are calling on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the U.S. Tennis Association, which said that a team of Orthodox Jews must play on Shabbos or forfeit their title shot.

Members of a Long Beach, Long Island tennis team were forced to file a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court because they felt discriminated against when the USTA informed them that not playing on Shabbos would cause them to forfeit. Nine of the 12 team members are frum.

The USTA said in a statement: “We assure you that there is no discriminatory intent behind the scheduling decisions,”

“I want to express my utter disgust with the U.S. Tennis Association,” said Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn). “This is the 21st Century. What happened to being culturally sensitive, especially here in New York? Everyone in the Tri-State area knows what Shabbos means. They know that for Orthodox Jews, it’s not a choice. The U.S. Tennis Association may claim that there is no discriminatory intent on their part but the result is pure, unadulterated discrimination.”

{Gavriel Sitrit-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. We are in Golus. We are in a country which almost entirely Cristian.
    If you want to play with them, you play by their rules. If they don’t fit you, tough!

    Get over it. Live with it. Either you are Jewish or you’re not.

    They have their ways and we have no business telling them how to do things.
    You can’t have everyone else bend the rules for you. Don’t like it? Don’t let your parents spoil you into thinking you have to have it your way.

  2. Don’t rely to much on Mr. Witholder. That unelected criminal won’t even hear anything regarding the Rubashkin injustice. So a couple of Jews playing tennis is the least of Mr. Witholders concerns.

  3. Well, besides that we are in Golus, besides that Jews should not religiously engage in competition that is far from the atmosphere of Judaism there is something unnatural about Jews expecting to claim religiousness while being not so religious…..Is like the “Macabean games”…did anyone ask Yehuda Macabi if he wanted to be remember for Hellenize Jewish Olympics?

  4. This tennis crises is much bigger than the Shidduch crises or Tuition crises! I hope this can be the main “theme” of the next Agudah convention. This is truly an Eis Tzara for Klal Yisroel and coming so close to Rosh Hashana is really very troubling!

  5. Recently my grandson cannot play in a tournament because the United States Tennis Association placed a tournament on Yom Kippur!!

    Yes it is true that almost all junior tournaments start on Saturday and end on Sunday ….. which means that if you are willing to live a Torah life you have to decide weather or not you should participate in the tournament.
    And if you have to choose between tennis or TORAH….. WELL the comparison is ridiculous……TORAH will always win.
    So my suggestion is simply to create tournaments that are administered by Shomer Shabbos coaches like myself that do not fall on Shabbos. You invite players from all walks of life and then you level the field.
    But to expect the USTA to organize or to create tournaments that do not fall in Shaboos is just not going to happen…………
    what they can certainly do is at least not have them on Yom kippur!!!

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