US Takes On Illegal Israeli Kiosk Workers


visaUnited States authorities have decided to take a stand against the popular phenomenon of foreigners, mostly Israelis, working illegally in kiosks and stands located in American shopping malls.

The US Consulate in Tel Aviv published a YouTube video to discourage young Israelis fresh out of their army service from coming to work illegally across American by telling the tales of those captured by US authorities, questioned and deported from country.

In the video, Israeli citizens describe how they arrived in US without a proper visa only to return back home after being blacklisted. They depict how they were refused entry and give an account of their arrest, the tremendous financial costs and of their great feeling of embarrassment.

US diplomats attempted to refute the reassuring myths regarding the danger of getting caught, explaining that most of the people arrested for immigration felonies are sent to a regular jail, “with killers and [abusers]  in the next cell.”

However many feel these deportation threats and a simple YouTube video are not enough to prevent young Israelis from fulfilling their dream of fast cash in the US.

Israelis who have worked illegally in the US tell Ynet of their unforgettable experience and the constant fear of getting caught.

David recalls how he and seven of his friends worked at a kiosk in Texas nearly four years ago. “People are careful not to get into car accidents which might lead to a car search and the discovery of the products you sell,” he said.

“Today I wouldn’t risk getting blacklisted,” added David. He believes this new campaign might minimize significantly the number of Israeli who chose to work illegally in the US. “They are not as naïve as they seem in this video… but I’m sure it’ll get them thinking and cause many of them to give up such a job.”

N, from the north, said she is not fearful of such threats and plans to work in a US kiosk once more. “I know it’s risky… but this job helped my pay for school. It’s a huge income in a short amount of time.”

She refused to believe that this campaign would be effective. “Those who have done it are not as sacred, and those who haven’t – well, I’m not sure this video, which looks a bit pathetic, would stop them.”

According to the US embassy, illegal kiosk labor is a wide spread phenomenon which hinders Israel’s status and its addition to the list of countries whose citizen can enter the US without a visa.

As of now, the US Consulate refused to grant entry visas to newly dismissed IDF soldiers.

{Ynet/ Newscenter}


  1. How ironic.
    Illegals who work and generate income and spend money which helps the economy – Deported.
    Illegals who do not work, take government money through dozens of programs (driving up taxes), pop their kids (anchor babies and others)into our schools (driving up property taxes), use our hospital emergency rooms as no-cost(to them) primary care physicians, proudly proclaim their love of their nation of origin by marching in parades on that country’s national holidays – Nothing.

  2. Well said #1.

    One more thing to add. Crime and gangs. Those are not practiced by the guys in kiosks but are practiced by those whom AZ made such a “terrible” law about…

  3. I want to remind everyone that we are in golus. Dina d’malchusa dina. How can we the Am HaNivchar compare ourselves to these low live? How dare you compare us to them!!!!!

  4. All nice articles. “Eisav Soneh Yaakov” That is the answer to all. With 12 millions mexican illegals, it is funny that “US Takes On Illegal Israeli Kiosk Workers” The days are numbered for the Jew in America. Eretz Yisroel is waiting for you.

  5. Funny – most of the guys who do the construction and yard work in my town are pretty obviously Hispanic foreigners. Most of them do a good job, and a lot cheaper than a native-born American would take. (Just like our immigrant grandparents did in the sweatshops and factories a hundred years ago.)

    BTW, #1, have you ever marched in an Israel Independence Day Parade?. Shame on you, “proclaiming your love for your nation of origin.” Same with all those Irish and their St. Patrick’s Day parades.

    Get real. Those illegals usually pay taxes, buy goods in their local US stores, and dream the American dream just like the rest of us. And believe me, they aren’t on programs. You have to show ID to get on foodstamps, etc. They do send their kids to school and, when necessary, use the local emergency room (but they try to avoid that, too, since they’re afraid of being deported).

    Personally, I’m happy these Israeli kids are doing their “post-Army fling” by coming here to work, and not going to India to study avodah zarah or getting shot at trying to get to Petra. However, they are breaking the law, and should be deported just like anybody else violating the terms of their visas.

  6. Illegal is Illegal, as an owner operator in Utah inside a mall it is a constant battle with these workers swarming and hawking customers to pay off the debt they have incured for these few organized members making millions of dollars using them. The excuse me can I ask you a question prevade most every mall in American and across the world. As an owner we face fines up to thousands of dollars if we hire undocumented workers. And pay premium prices for these retail spots. These organized groups sign corporate deals and then traffic workers from Israel to man them. Housing them in groups and using them to profit the pockets of a few. At the expense of those business owners who rely on lost sales to feed and clothe their own. The US Government should take this just as serious. First of all how do we know every one these owners bring in are all Israeli? We wonder every day with the organization of terrorism we hear about around the world someone could use this for evil opportunity. If you intend to work here them be ready to prove your identity like every one else. The government should hold these owners responsible to follow the law. We business owners that they work amongst are not blind to this and eventually they will be caught or discovered. Our eyes are on them. As your in Israel are ever watchful to protect your family and life, do not think we are not.

  7. I know we hate to see our own punished. However, the law is there for all. Saying it isn’t fair that other illegals are here doesn’t change the bare facts, Israelis complain that they need a VISA –this is why. I also read that compared to the actual number of Israelis ( verus say, Hispanics) the number of illegal Israelis is very high~

  8. Its a big Maa’leh to send these Israeli’s home. A lot of them work in malls in city’s where there aren’t any Yidden or Kosher food. They stay months at a shot, they live amoungst the Goyim & some end up marrying them R’L. If they stay in Eretz Yisroel there’s a better chance they will end up marrying a Jewish girl, even if she’s not a Dateyah. This is the Yad Hashem implementing ways for his children to find some path of returning and not be cut off from all of Olam Habba.


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