US State Dept. Disapproves of Israel’s Decision to Close Off West Bank, Gaza Strip in Response to Terror


Doing what any sovereign country would do, Israeli forces closed off the West Bank and the Gaza Strip today, a day after two terrorists, with murder in their eyes, carried out a terror attack at a market in Tel Aviv.

The closure is only temporary, though, and will end on Sunday, the night after Shavuos.

Four innocent Israelis were killed in the attack in Tel Aviv on Wednesday.

The U.S. State Department indicated its disapproval with Israel’s decision. “We understand the Israeli government’s desire to protect its citizens… and we strongly support that right, but we would hope that any measures it takes are designed to also take into consideration the impact on Palestinian citizens that are trying to go about their daily lives,” said State Department spokesman Mark Toner. Read more at Haaretz.

David Steger – Israel


  1. “take into consideration the impact on Palestinian citizens that are trying to go about their daily lives”

    The way they go about their daily lives is to seek out Jews in order to kill them, so no, we are not going to take that into consideration.

  2. What?!
    Their daily lives of killing innocent Jews?! Susan Rice should go away. Who does America think they are, meddling into a Democratic foreign nations policies??? You NEVER hear them telling Saudi Arabia what they can’t to. Same for Egypt. Same for Jordan. Same for Gaza. WHY IS IT ONLY ISRAEL???!

  3. “Doing what any sovereign country would do”

    Not true. When during Mexico’s Civil War a century ago, what would now be called terrorist attacks were made by parties to that horrible war. One, led by Pancho Villa, resulted in the deaths of 18 Americans. But the US did not close the border to innocent Mexicans, many of whom were fleeing the violence. (There were no restrictions on immigration from Mexico at that time.) Instead, the US launched a full scale invasion of Mexico to try to catch the actual person responsible!

    Punish terrorists, not innocents.

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