US Postal Service Warns It Could Default


post-officeThe US Postal Service warned on Friday that it could default on payments it owes the federal government, just days after the US government itself narrowly averted a default.

The government’s mail service said it lost $3.1 billion in the period from April to June, blaming “the anemic state of the economy” and the growing popularity of electronic communications over old-fashioned letters.

As a result of its mounting losses, the US Postal Service said it would not be able to make a legally required $5.5 billion payment in September to a health-benefits trust fund.

“Absent substantial legislative change, the Postal Service will be forced to default on payments to the federal government,” it said in a statement.

Dating back to 1775, the US Postal Service was once a crucial branch of the federal government, but in recent years it has come under increasing fire from critics who consider it bureaucratic and inefficient.

In July, it unveiled plans to identify nearly 3,700 under-used post offices around the United States for possible closure. The Post Office has been hemorrhaging billions of dollars in recent years.

{AFP/ Newscenter}


  1. I just got back a letter from the USPS saying ” returned for insufficient postage”. It was the application for my daughters Yeshiva. It was all of 3 papers. I put 1 stamp on the envelope but the Government paskened, it wasn’t enough & now they wasted the stamp that was already on there! I’ve never had any of my UPS packages returned for miscalculating the weight! This is all part of the dumming down of America, where you only hire High School drop out’s!

  2. Are you trying to tell us, #1, that your daughter’s “yeshiva” application was purposely singled out by the USPS?

    I notice you did not tell us what was the value of the stamp you stuck on the envelope; if it was insufficient in value of course the letter would be returned to you.

    By the way, since when do girls attend a *yeshiva*? Isn’t that for boys only?

    Lastly, the postal clerks you criticize have, at least, attended high school. Charedi children do not even do that, hence their inability for find meaningful and financially rewarding jobs.

  3. The Post Office has been privatized. They’re not “the Government” any more. They’ve also got competition. I once got a letter three months after it had been mailed. Now I send FedEx too.

    In the old days, the mailman did deliver, he just asked the recipient for the postage due.

    And don’t complain about hiring high school dropouts. They don’t. High school dropouts don’t get hired, period. With the dropout rate going up, it means that more and more young people will be unemployable. China and Indai, meanwhile, are spending like crazy on education. I wonder where that will leave us in another couple of decades. Maybe you should encourage your grandchildren to learn Chinese.

  4. To all my interrogators, I put one “forever” stamp on the envelope. It worked for the other 3 Yeshiva’s I sent to. Girls “school” today, are also called Yeshiva’s, especially here in Brooklyn. It help’s with Shidduchim!


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