U.S. Loosens Rules on New Airstrikes


us-airstikeAfter reports that more than a dozen civilian women and children were killed during a U.S. airstrike in Syria last week, the White House has officially acknowledged they loosened the strict standards put in place last year by President Obama.

The policy banned any U.S. drone strikes unless there was “near certainty” civilians would not be harmed. Those standards no longer apply to Syria and Iraq, because the White House says the “near certainty” standard only applied “when we take direct action ‘outside areas of active hostilities,'” a spokesperson for the National Security Council said.

“That description-outside areas of active hostilities-simply does not fit what we are seeing on the ground in Iraq and Syria right now.” The attack in Syria was directed at the al-Qaida-linked  Khorasan group that was allegedly planning terrorist attacks on the West. Read more at Yahoo News.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Sounds like the IDF…actually, no, the IDF was more careful, even inside “areas of active hostilities.”

    We live in a world of sheker and hypocrisy.

  2. andy heller should be beaten up by the people he works with so that he comes to understand we won’t tolerate him continuing to lie to Jews, as he does in so many articles including this one: Heller purposely wrote this article to lie to Jews. This article leads Jews to believe that (1) there is any evidence that America killed children in a strike in a Syria and (2) that America first released the hellfire missiles this week after holding them up in the summer ( as opposed to the truth- it was reported many weeks ago this already took place) and (3) that the hellfire missiles were released as a result of America killing children in Syria.

    Heller is disgrace to the Klal Yisroel and should be thrown out of his job as the propagandist liar he is. A person with integrity should be put in his place.


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