U.S. Jewish Population Above 6.4 Million; 20% More Than in 2000



The most recent figure of between 6.4 million and 6.6 million living in the United States is about 20 percent higher than the previous estimate of 5.2 million proposed by the 2000 National Jewish Population Survey, which was sponsored by the Jewish Federations of North America. That study has since been widely criticized as flawed, an assessment now accepted by the survey’s sponsor.

The first new study places the golden number at 6,588,000. Ira Sheskin, a human geographer at the University of Miami, and Arnold Dashefsky, a sociologist at the University of Connecticut, reported that figure on December 18 in their annual survey of the Jews in America for the North American Jewish Data Bank at the University of Connecticut.

Leonard Saxe, a Brandeis University sociologist, put the number of U.S. Jews at 6.4 million in the final version of his study, released on December 23. Saxe first publicized his results in an interim report in December 2010, at which point he said the American Jewish population was 6.5 million. The final study is “a slightly more conservative adjustment,” he said.

{Gestetner Updates/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. any idea how these surveys can be explained so a non-sociologist can understand them? also, what percent are not halachicly jewish?

  2. So how many are halachic Jews? The reform have an intermarriage rate over 70% and their conversions don’t count. We now have “humanistic Judaism” which means if you feel connected to liberal forms of Judaism you are a Jew. I wonder what the true number is…

  3. Many of them are not halachically Jewish, but on the other hand, there are countless people who are halachically Jewish but have no idea that they are!

  4. Okay, try this population formula: massive intermarriage + the charade of patrilineal descent + overwhelmingly non-halachic conversions = masses of non-Jews claiming to be Jewish. The numbers estimated by these population studies are meaningless.

  5. All places on G-d’s good earth benefit from the presence of good people. BTW, the “Light unto the Nations” idea actually means that Jews will live in all nations. The idea that all 14 million Jews, say as at 2011/5772, would all need to dwell in the Holy Land, or State of Israel, is a dangerous misinterpretation of the prophecies and has been used by various polical groups for their own narrow purposes and to justify certain policies. Think of Israel as H.Q. with the other nations being the branches, but really regional HQ’s in their own right. No matter how you play out all the scenarios Jerusalem is positioned in a pivotal strategic and spiritual place.


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