US Govt Website Erases 2015 Pollard Release Date; Projected Release Date Now Shown As Life’


jonathan-pollardThe US Federal Bureau of Prisons has changed Jonathan Pollard’s projected release date on its website from November 21, 2015 to life.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the Pollards believed that the website before it was changed had given people false hope that he would automatically be released next year on the 30th anniversary of his November 21, 1985 arrest. Pollard is technically eligible to request parole on the anniversary, but parole is not relevant for him because his judge, his prosecutor and the US government are on record in his sentencing docket as emphatically denying early release at any date, making it certain he would be refused.

The Post adds that Pollard’s lawyers would not be able to effectively contest those recommendations because they have been prevented from seeing the classified portions of his sentencing file. The lawyers received beyond top secret clearance from the government for the purpose of seeing the file and then they were not permitted to see it because a court ruled that they lacked a “need to know.” The US Supreme Court refused to hear the case, leaving Pollard no legal redress other than a commuting of his sentence by President Barack Obama.

“Now that it is clear that the 2015 release date was a pernicious lie–as Jonathan and I have been saying all along,” Esther Pollard told The Jerusalem Post. “We expect this to be a wake up call to our leaders in Israel and the American Jewish community to finally step up and do whatever is necessary to rescue Jonathan. ”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. I hate to say this, but if he would convert to Islam they’d let him out in a flash. Unfortunately, because he’s a Yid and not the Lockerbie bomber, they’ll do everything within their means, legally and not so legally, to keep him in prison.

  2. Nebach, If he were a black man, or a Muslim man, he would have been out a long time ago. Hey, if he were a black man, Obama could say “that man could just as well be my brother.”

  3. Actually Pollard has been eligible for parole since 1995, but he has never applied. And under the terms of the law in effect at the time of his arrest, he does qualify for automatic parole on November 21, 2015. (He might have to apply.)

  4. To Charlie Hall and the rest:

    If Jonathan applied for parole, he would not be able to leave the USA to live in Israel, which is where his wife lives and where he has a home, if/when he gets released. For him, the USA is an open-air prison. It is not complete freedom. Please keep this in mind when thinking of him.

  5. To #7 & #9: Please read the record. Pollard was sentenced to life in prison. That precludes parole in 1995, 2015, or whenever. The website listing of 2015 was an error and was corrected only now. If Pollard is paroled or granted amnesty, he could live in Israel or anywhere else in the world upon completion of a supervised release (probation) period. Please read the record on the Pollard website.


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