US Flip-Flops, Now Criticizes Shalit Deal


obama-white-houseIn an apparent about-face, US officials today criticized the deal brokered for the freedom of Gilad Shalit, which set hundreds of terrorists, including those who had murdered Americans, free.

The criticism came after it became clear that the released terrorists included those who had murdered Jews with United States citizenship.

Earlier today, President Barak Obama had said he was pleased with the deal that set Shalit free despite his own nation’s strict policy of not negotiating with terrorists for the release of its citizens. Obama also expressed the hope Israel and officials in Ramallah would take the steps necessary to return to the negotiating table.

Previously, secretary of state Hillary Clinton also praised Israel for negotiating with terrorists to secure Shalit’s release.

French President Sarkozy welcomed the release of Gilad Shalit, saying France had breathed a sigh of relief. Visiting the port city of Nice, Sarkozy’s opined Shalit’s French citizenship helped keep him alive. He added that Gilad will visit France soon.

Britain’s foreign secretary William Hague also welcomed the release of Gilad Shalit, and like Obama, added he hoped the terrorists-for-Shalit deal would provide positive momentum allowing the resumption of peace talks.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.

{Arutz Sheva/ Newscenter}


  1. If there is anyone to criticize, criticize the Palestinian Authority and factions. This is a clear message to the world that the palestinians do not want freedom and security for Israel. They do not want to negotiate for peace. They do not want to ensure the rest of the world that dangerous people will not be off the streets. And of course, the American and any other nationality that visits Israel is at risk of terrorist activity and many tourists and visitors from abroad visit Israel every year. And who is to say that they will limit their activities to only EY? This should be a message to the world that Israel does all it can to ensure the safety of the righteous captive and that the palestinians who do not have respectively righteous captives do all that they can do to subterfuge and ransom traitors and inhumane wicked souls for the release of a true patriot and hero to the western world. Be advised, we will not forget this trade ever and it should be taught for generations to come… or at least until the fact is that the ingrates who live on Israeli soil leave to go back to their arab home land in the remainder of the middle east. And be my friend to agree with me that this is another step in the long process of redemption that our people are undergoing over all the years of our suffering, greif and pain. There is a Real Creator and he really does in my beliefs feel the pain of Israel as well as the pain of the righteous; to think that a sacrifice will not be noticed at the highest of highs it to think that there is no G-d of justice. Justice is on the way.

  2. Interesting how the United States supports a two state solution, heaven forbid. So, does the US hold these palestinians are murderers or patriots??

    Equally interesting is that Hamas has released Gilad Shalit, but the US holds Pollard in a cell for far longer than anyone ever incarcerated for the same charge. I guess that would be legal hostage taking?

  3. The Gilad deal now exposes Ossama with two dilemas;
    1 – The US now has to persue the devils that killed American citizens. That’ll be tough financially & politacally;
    2 – Ossama is now embarassed by keeping Pollard behind bars.

    PS besides with, by hamas freeing Gilad, another Jew is free!

    Vote for Ossama/Biden? Over my dead body!

  4. the deal was wrong and bibi had no choise and this is th right wing scarry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 but be greatfull that livni is not pm she would have done it for 5000!!!!!!!!!!!! !!ROMNEY>CAIN!!

  5. “President Barak Obama had said he was pleased with the deal that set Shalit free despite his own nation’s strict policy of not negotiating with terrorists”

    Oh really?! Should I remind you what country the terrorists who flew planes into the twin towers were from? You fraud! You negotiate with them every day!


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