US Fails In UN Bid To Condemn Gaza Rocket Firings On Israel


Kuwait on Wednesday blocked a US-drafted UN Security Council statement that would have strongly condemned Palestinian rocket firings from the Gaza Strip on Israel that triggered the worst military flareup for years.

The United States had circulated the draft text ahead of an emergency council meeting, to be held later Wednesday at Washington’s request, on the rocket and mortar attacks by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

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  1. Dear America,
    True, you saved our ungrateful, anti-semitic, lazy country from Saddam Hussein. As a thank you please accept this smack in the face. Besides, what’s the big deal if Hamas wants to indiscriminately murder innocent men, women and children? They’re only Joooooz.
    Your friend, Kuwait.

  2. What a chutzpa by Kuwait. Is this how they say Thank You for Bush sending Americans to get killed defending your corrupt country?

  3. cant figure out why israel remains in the UN. its a mickey mouse organization made up of third world countries that have the same weight as real countries.


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