US Court: Iran and Syria Must Pay $178 Million to Family of Chaya Zissel Braun Hy”d


A US court ruled this week that Iran and Syria must pay the parents of a baby murdered in a terror attack a sum of 178 million dollars, Arutz Sheva reports.

The terror attack in question happened in 2014 at a Yerushalayim light rail station, when a Hamas terrorist rammed his car into the stroller of baby Chaya Zissel Braun Hy”d, just three months old, killing her.

Since their daughter had American citizenship, Chaya’s parents filed suit in an American court against Iran and Syria, on grounds that these countries fund Hamas, and now they have won in a victory that sends a clear message that there is a heavy price to be paid for financing terrorism.

{ Israel}


  1. Unfortunately, collecting this money will be harder than getting the verdict.
    Syria, for all intents, doesn’t exist as a country, for the moment, and Iran won’t send a cent.
    Had this present administration not released the funds to the ayatollahs, maybe there would have been a way to seize the money in escrow, and Iran would have felt the pinch, and the specter of other forthcoming lawsuits. Now it’s more of a symbolic victory, with the symbolism lost on the Muslims.

  2. There were many verdicts such as these before. All were blocked from collecting by the US gubmit. Let’s see if the Trump’s administration will depart from the unjust Obama/Bush/Clinton’s ways.

  3. I agree with the commentors above.
    Now of course, if it was a black baby that was murdered, we would hear a different story from our feckless government.


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