US Congressmen Arrested On Har Habayis


Members of the Republican Congress, Scott Tipton and David McKinley, were arrested by the Israel Police today morning on the Har Habayis after Waqf officials complained to the police that members of Congress had damaged olive trees.

The two US legislators are part of a weekly delegation that examines the situation on the Mount. The delegation was led by Rabbi Haim Richman of the Temple Institute. Read more.



  1. Gloss. The world could us be straight if the republican could wise be beat. They are climbing mountains to just pick the cherries or olives. Was that the way to war?

    Clear the ghetto. Americans want more leadership.

    Cute way to get the jewish attention. Shame none of these fine men know a thing about the faith of David other than the place to make a cradle scared.

    Am I right?


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