US Congressional Candidate Calls On Supporters To Fight ‘Jewish Media’


Congressional candidate, Paul Nehlen seeking to unseat Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan has reportedly been flirting with white nationalist elements online and anti-Jewish sentiment to urge activists to harass his opponents.

In a private Twitter message to a group titled CityRevoltVoteNehlen he posted that his political adversaries were “working for the Jewish media,” according to a Buzzfeed report published on Friday.

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  1. And the sea is always full.

    They seem to like lobster don’t they. We will not wish to have any of them on our floor in congress. It is ours. We are Americans.

  2. Another Nazi-wannabe trying to make his bones by blaming everything on “the Joooooooozz”. How very original.
    To their credit, Breitbart has denounced this anti-Semite racist.

  3. Yes, the far right are also Anti-semites. People have to realize that you shouldn’t get too attached to any party, just because there are some good people in it at a given time does not mean everyone in that party is good. Nothing brilliant, but people seem to forget that.

  4. When the reform and lefty secular JINOs Jewish In Name Only types try to destroy morality through toeiva marriage and abortions it’s no wonder they hate Jews.

  5. It’s so funny. This guy has been around for years and been ignored by the media. Until he said some retarded thing and them, boom he’s the hero. What cookoo people.


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