U.S. Commentator Mike Harris: Israel Carried Out Newtown Massacre, Operates Death Squads in the U.S.


mike-harris-commentator[Video below.] Your read correctly. U.S. commentator Mike Harris says that Israel carried out the Newtown massacre and operates death squads in the U.S. See below for the video.

The following are excerpts from an interview with Harris which aired on Press TV on December 18:

The second Amendment absolutely guarantees the right of every citizen of sound mind to have a firearm. It does. There are no “ifs” or “buts” or questions about it. I want you to look at this in a greater context of things. We have had a Zionist-controlled Hollywood, a Zionist-controlled news media that is the conduit to all of this violence. [It brings] this imagery into every home in America, and you still wonder why there is a culture of violence? It is because it comes from the Jews in Hollywood. That is where the conduit of violence comes from.

That’s the source of it. But look behind that even deeper. I want to remind you of the Norway shooting of Mr. Breivik, which followed a week after Norway had agreed to support Palestine. Now you look at Israel, [which has] just lost their bid to thwart Palestine from being recognized by the United Nations, and now here we go, here is a revenge killing in the U.S., sponsored by Israel, that killed all these innocent children – and that is something that Israelis do very, very well. They target the innocent, they target children, they target women, and they avoid the issue, because they are angry they did not get their way, and now Palestine has standing in the U.N., and Israel is going to be subject to the International Criminal Court, and their leadership is going to be taken to task. So let us connect the dots here about what is going on globally, geopolitically, with Israel involved.

Now, they are also calling for a Congressional hearing. One thing you can count on with a Congressional hearing is that there is going to be a cover up, because all of our Congressmen are bought and paid for by the Israel lobby in the U.S. So any truth of this is going to be hidden, because Israel wants it hidden, because they are once again the guilty party.

You have to realize that Israel has been operating death squads in the U.S., since Gabby Giffords and Judge Roll were shot in Tucson. There have been other incidents, such as the Aurora, Colorado shooting, that was again Israeli death squads operating in the U.S.

I don’t know… I am so disgusted with Israel and their behavior on the international stage…

Hollywood is Jewish-owned and Jewish-controlled, and they spew filth and they spew violence out…

Let’s look at gun control and at who wants to take the guns away: Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer. Those are all Jewish senators, Jewish people, who want to take guns away from normal law-abiding middle-class Americans, who have a right under this Constitution to do it. They have been trying to destroy this country and Constitution for the last 70 years, since the Frankfurt School came over here from Germany.

I, for one, [think that] it is time to push back. We are not going to sit back and take this Zionist-occupied government that we have in this country anymore. It is time for meaningful change, and to bring this [country] back to a true constitutional republic…

I am very much anti-Israel. I want Israel off the face of the earth. They are the source of all problems in the Middle East. They are the original terrorists. Do not forget that this killing in Newtown was a revenge killing because Israel lost the vote about Palestine being recognized in the U.N. That is all it is about, it happens every time. It is Israelis acting out, throwing a fit, and exacting revenge from the United States.

That is exactly what it is and I am tired of the kid-gloves with Israel, it is time to go bare knuckles with them. Let’s go.


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  1. Listening to the rantings f this madman just reminds me of something that needs reminding. If this hater would speak about any other minority he would be in deep trouble… If he chose to speak about the Arab nations in such a way, they would have riots on their streets and death threats….

  2. Its good to see something like this. It gives us a wake up call that no matter how comfortable we are here in the US there are plenty of people that hate our guts.

  3. This loser has neverhad so many hits before. He is a nobody. Why give this loony a platform? He didn’t have a platform until today.

  4. This PressTV is an Iranian website. This Mike Harris is not a commentator, he’s just one of many meshugeners in the US. He’s a Scottsdale, AZ republican with no following, like the nuts in Cour d’Alene, Idaho. What a country!

  5. This guy is a certified Nut Job. He’s the financial editor of Veterans Today, a certifiable conspiracy theory nut page on the web.

    Matzav must be having a slow news day, given Yom Eidam.

  6. All I can say is WOW. And that history repeats itself. Just like Pre-war Europe. We should be carful because aisov soneh es Yaakov is a rule, always has been

  7. The fact that no one has ever heard of this nut job, proves that he is a persona non grata. He probably has a huge portrait of Hitler YMS in his living room and he is a member of the KKK. Why is everyone so shocked?

  8. As far as i’m conserned this guy ordered himself a one-way ticket to gehenom
    maybe not – he might just be completely brainless

  9. We the peple of the United States of America understand that there will always be Anti-Semites in every country, in every generation. We have to ignore the hateful spewing of this individual and go on with life. I’m sure that Mr. Harris knows that one of the children was in fact a jew. God bless America, and may god bless the Jewish people.

  10. eisav sonei l’yaakov

    & will always be that way until mashiach comes.
    THATS CORRECT there will never be complete peace in the jewish nation with other nations until we all do teshuva & Hashem brings mashiach

  11. Not sure what the big news story here is. This interview was on Iran PressTV, so why is anyone shocked? This guy ran for Governor of Arizona once, but clearly his marbles are scattered across state lines…

  12. This anti-Israel, anti-Jewish hatred is boiling over in every city and state. We are ‘alone’ & defenseless with Hashem as our only advocate.

  13. He was a candidate for governor of Arizona. If someone had done research they would’ve seen that. Such an easy add-on to his name would’ve made much more sense than this silly “US commentator” line. Another example of the make believe journalism you all practice.

    The next issue, is it really worth mentioning from someone no one has ever heard of or who has any influence whatsoever. That’s an interesting debate to be had.

  14. He could compare notes with the Nazis. They also claimed that anything bad in the world came from the Jews. Wow. Scary to think that we live among such hate and scary to imagine how much further this can be taken!

  15. For his birthday this beast, dressed-up to look almost like a human being, should be given a Nazi uniform so he feels right at home.

  16. Mr. harris, it is very disturbing to me on your reflections of Israel and the jewish people, I would like for you to go to some areas of the middle east, such as; lebanon, the palestinian areas and as an american see how you fare, and then go to Israel and see how you fare as an american, you might want to change your philosophy a bit.

  17. Mr.Mike Harris.
    I Highly recomand you to get checked by a specialist and change the drugs you are using! you are seriously very sick and need to get seriouse help!


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