US-Born MK To Deal With Anglo Aliya Issues


rabbi-dov-lipmanIn his new capacity as a member of the Knesset Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs committee, Maryland native MK Dov Lipman (Yesh Atid) will focus on the needs and worries of current and prospective immigrants from English-speaking countries, he said.

The committee will be headed by Yesh Atid MK Yoel Rozbozov, who immigrated to Israel from Birobidzhan, Russia, in 1991; but Lipman, who earlier this year became the first American-born MK since 1984, was given a free hand by his party to deal with issues of importance to Anglos.

“I have spent my first month in the Knesset learning about the many challenges facing English speaking immigrants through meetings with community leaders and through my Sunday morning ‘constituent hours,'” said Lipman, who moved to Beit Shemesh from the US seven years ago. The freshman lawmaker said he has a clear understanding of issues he’d like to see the committee deal with, including government services, educational needs and employment.

“In addition,” Lipman said, “I believe that the time has come for an increase in Zionist education in the Diaspora, including a refocusing on the Hebrew language, and hope to use the tools within the committee to work towards these goals.”

Lipman, who chairs the Knesset Lobby for Job Integration in the Haredi Community, was also tapped to sit on the important House Committee, which deals with the parliament’s rules of procedure and the legislative process.


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    unfortunately dov lipman is one of the most hated man in israel at the moment. he is known as the most dangerous person to the hareidi public since he calles himself a hareidi and a self proclaimed rabbi and incites against the hareidim on a daily basis. The non religious beleive what he says is right since a hareidi surely knows whats best for hareidi society. he constantly preaches how his father who was hareidi didnt act like the hareidim today etc. The only problem is that his father wasnt at all hareidi. look on youtube where is mother is intervied without hair covering, something that no hareidi would ever do. look at his kid who looks just about hareidi. People have to understand that this man has absolutely no idea what is good for hareidim and unfortunately does not understand the hareidi values to appreciate them since he has no hareidi background. it is unlikely his children will even be keeping shabbos in the years to come. So a clear message to you Mr Lipman. Although you obviously sincerely beleive what you preach (eventhough many, even amongst the non religious, see you as just petting up to Yair Lapid), you havent been brought up as hareidi and dont understand and thereby appreciate anything about it. Thankyou Mr Lipman for listening, and we beg you to stop the encitement against the Hareidim.

    Benny Brown

  2. I have read some if his articles and ideas. He comes across les than seriously intelligent. Similar to Chuck Schumer.

  3. you should make it clear that this guy (shaim reshaim yirkav)came into politics just to hurt the chareidim and joined the notorious Lapid!! I am assuming that is what he wants to promote

  4. I know that Dov Lipman received smicha from a Yeshiva Gedola in America and had a close shaichus to his Rebbe. When I knew him before he went to Eretz Yisroel.He davened 3 times a day, was meneiach Tefilin kol yom, was kovea itim for limud haTorah daily for many hours, he was Shomer Shabbos. For many years he taught Torah and yiddishkeit to American high school students. Please refrain from lowering the way we speak about other people because their hashkofos and decisions are very far from the way we would lead our lives. How can we speak about the level of observance of his children in such a dismissive way. Daven they become closer to Hashem and develop yiras Shomayim. How can you speak about other Jews who are shomer mitzvos with the word hate. Lower your intensity about people who you may have never met and be more proactive in positive ways.

  5. When he speaks you see the burning hatred in his eyes , towards charedim
    The chutzpah he has when addressing the gefolim
    Who does he think he is?!?
    He. Will not last he sounds like a maniac when he speaks
    With his heavy accented hebrew very few people will take him seriously

  6. I live In Bet Shemesh. Unfortunately, the Chardalim–American Charedi are trying to kiss up to Lipman.If we don’t hold of him..stop kissing up yo him. People are turning over in their graves at Lipman’s nonsensical comments about the charedi world .

  7. Although many of the things said in the above posting may be true, it is NOT TRUE that his mother was interviewed with her hair uncovered. I have known her for over forty years. Her hair is always covered! Do not contaminate what you have to say about her son (and I have no real knowledge if what you post is true or not) by publishing r’chilus about his mother. Shame on you.

  8. Benny Brown
    Do you have any idea what you are talking about? He is a real Rabbi he has Semicha from Rav Weinberg Zatzal and learned in yeshiva for many years. He got involved in politics because he lived near the girls in Beit Shemesh that were stoned by crazy people that claimed they were “chareidi” when they spit on and threw stones like arabs at little girls. He walked them to school every day and tried to protect them from these crazy people. while i strongly disagree with what he is doing and it is against Daas Torah. Get your facts straight before you call him a chraeidi hater. There are real legitimate issues with some of these so called chareidim who throw stones at little girs and claim they are learning all day. He is just taking care of this issuethe wrong way.

  9. Dear Benny Brown,

    While I agree that noone is perfect, the silence you have shown for the cowling of an infirmity of youth and indiscretion is such that you have contributed openly to the condemnation of human suffering and insufferable hope in so much as you do not tolerate the aspirations and challenges of the human spirit. This is not jewish and this is not honorable.

  10. Lipman has called for increased aliyah from Russia regardless of whether the people are Jewish. He has criticized Shas for demanding that people who make aliyah are Jewish l’halacha. Lipman is a real danger, especially for aliyah issues.

  11. It is clear that dov lipman is an oppurtunist whose campaign against the charedi community and GEDOLEI YISROEL on drafting yeshiva students, LIBA studies and general condemnation of the Tzibbur of Yerei Hashem justified his joining Lapid who is promoting public chillul shabbos, fictitional gerus,civil marriage. He should stop proclaiming that he is charedi and devote his efforts to convince Lapid to give up his plans to persecute charedim

  12. To #1
    I happen to know Dov Lipman personally and what you say everything is not true. He is chareidi to the fullest extent. He is the most nices person anyone could meet and he is there to help the chareidim. If you dont know him then dont just make up lies about him.

  13. @7 chas veshalom “mir ta nisht arbiten” the Germans got it right when they said “arbit macht frie” seriously this is a one way fight they are not fighting us we are doing all the fighting

  14. To 6
    On the contrary, your comments represent wickedness. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Comments like yours are unfortunately too typical from people in our our community. They represent a bankrupt outlook and empty positions.

    Let us see if Matzav posts my full post expeditiously.

  15. I vote for Rabbi Dov Lipman, Yair Lapid and Rabbi Piron. They promise some hope and future
    It is about time.
    let us see again if matzav has the courage to post my full posts.

  16. I am chareidi and live not far from R Lipman. While many of his positions are not in line with the Israeli chareidi tsibbur, they would not be considered all that radical in Flatbush or Baltimore, or many other US yeshivish communities.

    Regardless of whether or not you agree with him, he is a yiray shamayim who is trying to help. In this position he will not be involved in yeshiva affairs, and will be helping US olim, a heavy taxed and underrepresented minority.

    Please keep your comments focused on fact rather than motsi Shem ra or sinas chinam.

  17. Regardless of Dov’s policies – which I Don’t agree with – His Mother covered her hair her entire married life, and was THE shaitel macher for the entire Silver Spring congregation for many many many years.

  18. First, his mother is quite obviously wearing a sheitel in the video.
    Second, the comments above are dripping with hatred, uninformed and unbefitting

  19. How how could one say such things about another Jew, no matter what ones personal beliefs are. and trust me his children are and always will be shomer shabbos ik them personally.

  20. Most of these comments are nonsense, Dov is a TORAH musmach of Ner Yisroel and very similiar in looks, actions, behavior and attitude as any Ner Yisroel musmach.
    He is learned, ohev yisroel, shomer mitzvohs and concerned with Kiddush hashem. You are all instigating against him for no reason except that he is a candidate in Yesh Atid,,, find out why? rather than be motzi shem rah.

  21. You guys are all missing the boat
    Yes he
    Is a musmach yes he learnt well yes his parents are frum etc..
    That was the past right now he is going against daas torah
    And besmirching the chareidim
    Who cares what was ?! What is now counts
    Even reb yochanan kohen gadol
    Went off after serving 80 yrs as kohen gadol


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