US and Israel To Develop Defense Missile System


Fox News reported on the latest addition to Israel’s multilevel missile defense system with David’s Sling, a joint Israeli-U.S. project designed to intercept medium-range missiles.

David’s Sling — which sees Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems collaborating with American defense contractor Raytheon — also produces the Patriot missile system.

The system is designed to shoot down incoming rockets with ranges of 25 to 190 miles (40-300 kilometers), targeting mostly the missiles that were fired by the Lebanese Hezbollah organization toward Israel in recent years. It will make up the middle tier of Israel’s multi-layer missile defense capabilities.

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  1. The US and Israel have been developing Israel’s missile defense system jointly since 1986. It started with the Arrow missile, what became the Green Pine Radar, the Citron Tree BMC2, and a bunch of other not so well-known joint projects. It has been going on continuously for the last 31 years. I had the privilege of participating in the first 10 years as a US Government support contractor.


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