Updated Urgent Request From Lakewood Vaad ON NJ Toeivah Bill


vaad-toeivahThe Lakewood Vaad has asked us to report the following: The bill to “redefine” the long-established meaning of conventional marriage is scheduled for a vote for tomorrow. The vote is expected to be very close. The following list are Senators who may be sitting on the fence. Please flood their offices with phone calls today. Sample Call: “I would like to express my deep opposition to the Redefining Marriage Bill. The Senator’s vote is critical in preserving the core family values America was built on”.

Senator James Beach (856) 489-3442

Senator Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (908) 232-3673, (908) 918-0414 (908) 232-2073

Senator Fred H. Madden, Jr. (856) 232-6700 (856) 401-3073

Senator Dana L. Redd (856) 225-9068

Senator Nicholas J. Sacco (201) 295-0200

Senator Stephen M. Sweeney (856) 251-9801

Senator Jim Whelan (609) 383-1388

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  1. As we approach the joyous festival of
    Chanukah, we celebrate the triumph of good
    over evil.

    The message of this holiday is still
    very relevant here in America with the
    emergence of a small group of fanatics
    who wish to sabotage the traditional
    family—the foundation of society.
    (The glorification of immorality promoted
    under the guise of false culture was
    a driving force of the Hellenist zealots
    who threatened decency and Judaism.)

    This same threat, in essence,
    must now be recognized in New Jersey as
    contemporary Hellenists target the
    time-tested institution of marriage.

    May HASHEM bless the righteous!

  2. also call the Agudah at (212)797-9000 and tell them not to support the toaivah agenda. Not in supporting “hate crimes legislation” which is a bill made to legitimize their cause. And by not supporting politicians that are pushing it. ex: Bloomberg, Corzine etc…
    And have them go out against our “frum enemies” such as Gary Shaer from NJ

  3. It’s called “nuance”, me. Nothing is black and white and there aren’t any single issue that absoltely define an election. You weigh the candidate’s position on numerous issues important to you and you vote based on his overall value to your constituency and then you fight him tooth and nail on the issues in which you disagree with him. It’s called politics.

  4. You call it “nuance”, I call it SHEKER. If a major aspect of a candidate’s platform is SS Marriage, you stay away from that candidate. Far, far away.
    There are certain positions that are so morally decadent that they override all others – even money to your pet “moisdois”

    Nuance = Liberal.


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