Updated: Obama Leaves Golf Course Abruptly, Speeds Home


obama[Updated below.] 5:14 p.m. President Barack Obama has abruptly ended a round of golf and sped toward his family’s vacation home for what is being described as a “personal matter.” An ambulance was seen speeding toward their compound. White House aides said the speedy departure and return to the president’s home was not a matter of national security or because of a threat to Obama’s safety.Obama was playing golf when reporters who travel with him were quickly assembled for a return to the first family’s neighborhood.

Journalists saw an ambulance speed past with its lights on, heading toward the end of Obama’s street. The ambulance would have passed through a security checkpoint at the end of the street.

Updated, 5:49 p.m.: President Obama left the golf course abruptly while vacationing in Hawaii today after a child on vacation with the first family suffered an injury on the beach.

A senior administration official said that the incident did not involve any member of the first family, and that a young family friend traveling with suffered a minor injury. Sources say a child friend was injured in a “surf board mishap” while playing on the beach, but no additional details on the injury were reported just yet. 

The official says the president broke away from his golf game because the father of the injured child was with him on the course.

CBS 2 has learned some members of the first family were with the child at the time of the accident. The official said the injury was not serious and no members of the first family were hurt.

The official refused to identify the injured child or first family members who were there.

Journalists who returned to the secured neighborhood where Obama was staying saw an ambulance speed past with its lights on. The ambulance then left the neighborhood with a black sedan trailing.

The president was playing golf with friends from Chicago who joined him on his holiday vacation. The White House is not identifying which friend’s child was injured.

After a brief delay, Obama returned to the course.

 {AP/WCBS/CNN/Matzav.com Newscenter}



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