UPDATE: Trump Will Be Hosting A White House Seder


President Trump will continue to host the White House Seder, a tradition that began with former President Obama.

The Passover ritual will be held Monday night, the first night of the holiday, at the White House, Jewish Insider reported.

Sources did not know whether Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner would attend.

Obama began the tradition in 2009 after an impromptu seder in a Pennsylvania hotel ballroom with members of his 2008 presidential campaign staff, according to the Times of Israel.



  1. Does he eat gebrochkts? What does he use for marror?
    If anyone knows please tell us. Its really important for all matzav readers to know the details.
    Oh I almost forgot. Who’s shiur does he use for the 4 kosos & for matzah?

  2. Thank you for this all important breaking news headline. Please keep us informed, even on Yom Tov. You can have a goy come to all the Shuls and fill us in.

  3. Trump does not drink wine so he will use grape juice. He keeps healthy so he is going to eat spelt matzohs. Even eliyohu Hanovi would rather come to Trumps Seder than Obama the Jew hater.


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