Update on the Condition of Rav and Rebbetzin Reuven Feinstein


Rav Shalom Reuven Feinstein, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva of Staten Island, and his wife, Rebbetzin Sheila Feinstein, were in a car accident today in New York and are in need of rachamei Shomayim.

The vehicle in which the rosh yeshiva and rebbetzin were traveling hit a tree.

The rebbetzin, we are told, underwent an emergency procedure at a Staten Island hospital to address crash-related injuries. The surgery was a success and the rebbetzin is now recovering.

The rosh yeshiva is said to be in stable condition. X-rays for the Rosh Yeshiva came back and there are no major injuries, boruch Hashem.

Rav Reuven is the youngest of the four children of Rav Moshe and Rebbetzin Sima Feinstein. Rav Reuven joined his father in establishing the Yeshiva of Staten Island in 1966 and has served as rosh yeshiva of the yeshiva ever since.

All are asked to daven for a refuah sheleimah for Rav Shalom Reuven ben Shima and Chava Sarah bas Itta Devorah.



  1. May they have a refuah shelaima. I’d like to make a correction here. It’s not …ben Sima the name is actually Shima.

  2. I think the explanation might be a simple. Reb Reuven’s Rebbetzin’s name is not Sheila, but Ita Devora. It will likely be said after 120 years, may she continue to recover and have a refuah shleimah b’soch shaar cholei Yisroel, that “in her lifetime her name was Sheila, when did it change to Ita Devora?” Somewhat similarly, Reb Reuven’s name is not Reuven, but Shalom Reuven. Not withstanding the fact that he has been know our entire lives as Reb Reuven, he will be known, after 120, as Shalom Reuven. It is likely The Rebbetzin was known/called Sima in spite of the fact that her name was Shima.

  3. Reply to Anonymous, post #3, And the Gaon Oilam’s name was…..
    Well the velt called him Reb Moishe, however he himself would have referred to himself as May-seh!
    Bottom line!
    The Ribono Shel Olam knows and may he extend them both a Refuah Shlaima AND MINIMAL PAIN!! during the healing!

  4. To Yehudah of Great Neck:
    Bottom line! . . . The Feinstein family will tell you the name is Shima. Even a native of Lita, who, for whatever reason, could not pronounce a Shin (as in shiboles / siboles for those familiar with Na”CH), would say Sima, the first letter remained a Shin.


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