Update On Bochurim Injured in Explosion at Quaker Hill Bungalow Colony


As first reported on Matzav.com, a bungalow at 60 Cromwell Road in Quaker Hill Cottages went up in flames due to an explosion early Friday morning, injuring bochurim from Yeshivas Novominsk of Boro Park who had rented the cottage for Shabbos.

The twelfth grade talmidim were on a supervised end of year trip.

The explosion was caused by a gas leak from a stove in one of the units the boys were staying in. All the bochurim were able to exit on their own before emergency services arrived. The bungalow was destroyed.

The staff members who were with the bochurim immediately called 911 and Hatzolah, whose personnel arrived within minutes.

Additional yeshiva staff members were dispatched from Brooklyn and Lakewood to the two hospitals to be with the bochurim and their parents.

It took firefighters from 8 different departments – including Monsey and Shikun Skver – 40 minutes to put out the blaze.

The conflagration broke at shortly after midnight in an area where they are no fire hydrants, requiring water to be brought from other departments.

Four students, all age 18, were admitted to Westchester Hospital with non-life-threatening burns. All are expected to make a full recovery. One boy was released on Erev Shabbos and more will hopefully be released on Mondaybe’ezras Hashem. The two others who were more seriously injured will be evaluated during the week.

An additional 8 eight were transported to a local hospital, treated for minor injuries, and released. They were home in Brooklyn and Lakewood, where they reside, by 5 a.m.

The weekend was cancelled.

Contrary to reports, the Novominsker Rebbe was not scheduled to have been at the Shabbaton with the bochurim.

“Emergency services, including Hatzolah, Chaverim, the hospitals and the various fire departments are to be commended for their swift response and professionalism in avoiding more serious injuries and loss of property,” Rabbi Lipa Brennan  Executive Director of Yeshivas Novominsk, told Matzav.com.

All are asked to say Tehillim for the speedy and full recovery of Yehoshua ben Yiska, Eliezer ben Brocha, Chaim Boruch ben Miriam Aidel, and Meir Dovid ben Chaya Leah.

{CB Frommer-Matzav.com}


  1. “They were home in Brooklyn and Lakewood, where they reside, by 5 a.m.” 5am of which day? Or is that supposed to be “5pm”?

  2. does it really matter if they got home at 5 am or 5 pm. – bh they’re home. it was a real miracle. all those in the hospital should have a quick recovery

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