Update: Replacement Plane Arrives for EL Al at Goose Bay Twelve Hours After Emergency Landing


An ELAL flight from New York City to Tel Aviv has been diverted to Canada, making an emergency landing there.

Flight LY08 B744 had left John F. Kennedy International Airport shortly after 1 a.m. ET – over an hour after the scheduled time – and landed two hours later at Canadian Forces Base Goose Bay military airport. Emergency personnel rushed to the aircraft.

Passengers said that they felt the plane shake in mid-air. They also felt the plane drop precipitously.

A fire in the landing gear was blamed for the emergency landing. Repair crews were said to be working on addressing the problem while the passengers remain on the plane. Passengers were told by plane staff that the outside temperatures were below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

As of 11:30 a.m. ET, the plane remained grounded for hours, and the passengers were told that they cannot disembark from the aircraft. In addition, no meals have been served to the hungry passengers. The plane that will be taking them to Israel has not yet departed from JFK, which is a two hour flight from Goose Bay.

“Everyone is very edgy now,” one passenger told Matzav.com, “but trying to remain calm. It would help if they would serve food, but for some reason, the staff is refusing to do so.”

Among those on the flight on MK Meir Porush and Rav Eliezer Sorotzkin, director of Chinuch Atzmai and Lev L’Achim. Also on board are Rabbi Michoel Levi of Bais Yaakov D’rav Meir in Brooklyn and Rabbi Mordechai Levin of Bais Yaakov Academy of Brooklyn.

Many New Yorkers heading to the annual Agudas Yisroel winter yarchei kallah in Yerushalayim are aboard the aircraft.

Update, 1 p.m. ET: It’s been over ten hours since the plane landed at Goose Bay and there is no end in sight to this saga. The replacement plane is expected to arrive at Goose Bay at about 2:30 p.m. ET.

The plane is carrying the aron of Mrs. Mira (Hager/Cohen) Wein, wife of Rav Berel Wein. The aron is being taken to Yerushalayim for kevurah on Har Hamenuchos.

The pilot told some passengers that he recited Tehillim as he landed the plane.

Passengers describe the El Al staff as kind and courteous, adding that everyone on board has shown great character throughout this ordeal.

Update, 3 p.m. ET: The replacement plane has arrived and El Al staff are working to transfer all luggage to the other aircraft.

All passengers will be directed to walk across the tarmac to the new plane. They have been instructed to bundle up as they exit the warm plane into the frigid Canadian temps.

By transferring the passengers in this fashion and not releasing them earlier, there will be no need for them to go through customs.


  1. I feel terrible for. It must be freezing. Why they’re not allowing for food to be served is surprising. If Leizer Sorotzkin is on the plane he’s likely keeping them well entertained. He’s a very funny guy.

  2. Mixed seating? Snoods in public? Someone watching a video(lower left hand corner of screen)? What’s the world coming to?

    • “Mixed seating” how many seats apart do you sit when travelling with spouse and children?

      “Snoods in public” is lechatchilah, halachically more approved than wigs.

    • What in the world is wrong with snoods? I wear them all the time, plain for during the week, dressier for Shabbos. What’s your problem? It’s outdoor wear, not exactly a sleepwear (though in certain circles, tznius’dik robes are definitely outdoor wear, whether plain or dressy).

  3. Snoods in public is new to you? come to any supermarket in Monsey and you will not be surprised when people on a long flight wear snoods.

    • Excuse me. I’m living in Flatbush/Midwood for 24+ years and never had a tv. None of my frum neighbors have one either. Please don’t be Motzee laaz on an entire wonderful community. And for the record, I don’t have internet in my home either. I’m using my computer at work.

    • I feel like YOU can benefit from mussar it’s not an attitude a yid should have of negativity and all is in MY power, it’s all for the best unless you’re saying it’s a sign from above that don’t go ey to learn you can do so in your local beis medrash or yeshiva.

  4. The commentor does bring up a good point. Kol kevuda bas melech applies even/especially when flying on a plane in tight close quarters with strangers. What, you think the yetzer hora takes a break? Adaraba, he works overtime. You have to be normal, but to be too relaxed in such a public setting like that can be troublesome. Just saying, one has to always be careful.

  5. It’s ELAL, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise. ELAL has an average 45 minute delay on 80% of their flights, leaving them at 2nd to worst airline when it comes to on time performance.
    I took an ELAL flight this summer, and waited in Ben Gurion for 6 hours. They couldn’t even come up with a valid reason for the delay!!

  6. If the Gedolei Yisroel trust the Rav of Netanya, Rabbi Eliezer Sorotzkin, to lead Lev L’Achim and later put him in charge of Chinuch Atzmai with its 275 schools, the least you can do is refer to him as Rabbi Sorotzkin and show a bit of respect. You are right about one thing: Rav Sorotzkin is a most entertaining speaker and surely is keeping his fellow passengers enthralled with stories about the Gedolei Yisroel he has served and the wonderful things happening in Lev L’Achim and Chinuch Atzmai.

  7. At lease now we understand why yiddelech travel with so much hand luggage filled with food and spare clothing etc…. (so no making fun)


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