UNMITIGATED HATE: Jewish Man Punched By Black Man in Brooklyn Unprovoked


A Jewish man, who is in his 20s, was punched in the chest this afternoon in an unprovoked attack in the heart of the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn.

The attack occurred at approximately 8:00 am, as the Jewish man was walking on Kingston Avenue near Union Street, when a black man walked by and punched him in the chest, and kept on walking.


The victim and passersby called Shmira volunteer patrols, who called the police.

Surveillance footage from a nearby store shows the attacker walking up to the victim and violently hitting him, nearly knocking him over.

NYPD Hate Crimes are currently investigating.

This attack is the third violent incident in the past 2 weeks against Jews in the neighborhood carried out by non Jews. Attacks include a mugging at knifepoint and a Jewish man punched and thrown to the ground.

The incidents are causing many to worry about what seems to be a troubling uptick in violence in the area which is home to many Chasidic Jews.

Yaacov Behrman of the Jewish Future Alliance told 1010 Wins that the attacks have people living in fear.

“What’s wrong with our society, what’s wrong with Crown Heights that innocents are being beaten in the streets? Is someone preaching hate? Is there an atmosphere that is encouraging violence and anti-Semitism?” he said.

Chanina Sperlin of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council met with Officers from the NYPD 71st Precinct following the incident, to discuss concerns of residents’ and visitors’ safety.

“In response to these incidents, the NYPD, with the help of 71st Precinct Commanding Officer Frank Giordano and Chief of Brooklyn South Brian Conway, has assigned extra patrol cars throughout the neighborhood, particularly on Kingston Avenue, beginning tonight. They have also assigned community affairs and anti-terrorism officers around 770,” he said.

Credit: COLLive.com



  1. It looks from the video that the black “person” was walking and the jewish man was not watching where he was going and almost waled into the punk. In response the black “person” whacked the Jewish person. Not that he fell over but he ran to get away lest the black keep punching him. Once he realized the “person” left, he slowed his pace.

    What a punk, hopefully he starts up with the wrong person and gets the beating coming to him.

    • THAT’S A LIE! The Jewish man was not at all walking into the black guy. The black guy deliberately went right.

      • Remember when 15-20 Hassids beat Taj Patterson so badly he lost the sight on one eye?

        Not a single one went to jail.

        Not a single article about unmitigated hate.

  2. The chosid was not looking where he was walking and veered right into the path of the suspect. The suspect was wrong to hit the daydreamer out of annoyance but it doesn’t seem like he woke up that morning and said, how can I beat a Jew today. Hate crime? I don’t think so.

  3. Notice how the victim was spaced out, walking in circles, then ran away when hit, instead of retaliating. Of course the animals will attack easy victims.

  4. True, the victim walked into the path of the attacker but the attacker definitely picked up speed and hastened to punch him. Definitely unprovoked. Had it been anyone who uses his head before his hands, he would have stopped, moved out of the victim’s way, maybe called out to him. It seems like it was just an opportunity to hit someone that just fell into his hands.

  5. This wasnt a targeted attack – I am a white woman, this man kicked me moments earlier as I was walking to the 2 train, he was deranged.

    • 7:56, whatever your claim might be, the facts are clearly visible in the video: the guy did not have any interaction with the assailant, prior to being attacked from a blind spot. In fact, I doubt your assertion that “this man kicked you moments earlier”, or that you are not a racist black claiming to be white. Want to prove yourself: provide date/time/location of the incident, in addition to your name and contact information.

      • I am a member of the Crown Heights community… why would I disclose my information to an anom person on the internet?! My purpose of letting this be known was that was NOT a targeted attack. Yes targeted attacks happen daily, but this was NOT one of them, and I feel the need to speak up because I was also victimized! Do not jump to racial conclusions people, recognize there are also serious mental issues prevalent in communites all of New York City.

        • 10:13, you are a member of the nitwit community. The video clearly shows a black racist(because why else attack a man you didn’t interact with, and why choose specifically a white victim from all the people walking on a street) sucker-punching a Jewish man without any provocation. Don’t want to prove your point by specifying date time and place, and elaborating how exactly you were “kicked” – as karate kick or were you stepped upon whilst drunken on the ground, do you have a super visual memory so that you can recognize a man who allegedly “kicked” you or do all Jews look the same to you, and what does that have to do with this sucker-punch attack? No answers?! Then shut up, you feeble minded liar.

  6. The victim was 50 lbs bigger than the assailant. Why didn’t he exercise his right to self defense and beat the assailant’s head into sidewalk?

    • Because in today’s day and age, one has to assume that all goyim in that neighborhood are armed in one way or another. A little fist is no match to a revolver or 12 inch hunting knife.

  7. no, he prepared hand to attack from far, then the victim steers away a bit he still attacks

  8. The man actually walked out of the attacker’s way and the attacker enthusiastically walked straight into him and attacked.

  9. The Jewish guy was walking and looking sideways into the street. He was not looking where he was going and he veered diagonally into the path of a pedestrian coming in the opposite direction. That pedestrian (black) took advantage of the situation and enthusiastically slammed his body/chest into the Jewish guy. The black guy never raised a hand. He took the opportunity that was handed to him, but it did not seem pre-meditated. The Jewish guy looked more surprised than hurt. Moral of the story: watch where you are going. Don’t walk into the path of oncoming pedestrians, any race. Matzav, don’t sensationalize blunders, we don’t want to encourage violence.

    • Dear Not So Straight Walker, obviously boxing is not your expertise. The racist assailant half stepped to his right so that he could reach a victim who already stopped walking at the moment of the attack, and right-hand punched the Jewish guy in the stomach or lower chest. Fortunately, the black racist punched like a girl, and the victim was not seriously harmed. The victim could have easily taken on the little racist, and retaliated in self defense. Instead the victim chose to reinforce the notion that Jews are easy victims, never fight back, and can be attacked with impunity. Additionally, nitwits like you are blaming the victim. You are pathetic.


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