University Professor Mocks Men Putting On Tefillin


Two universities are being asked to revisit the courses assigned to Professor Pnina Peri next year, and to mandate diversity and sensitivity training before her return to teaching. This came after Peri was caught on video mocking and shaming two men performing Jewish rituals.

In separate letters to the President of American University and the Chancellor of the University System of Maryland, the  Coalition for Jewish Values said that Peri, listed as faculty by both, showed “unbridled hostility towards religious activity” which calls into doubt her ability to “demonstrate appropriate tolerance and accommodation of religious needs.”

The man who posted the video, Gad Kaufman, said that he was waiting for his departure on a business trip to Europe. He described what transpired: “I was asked politely by a Chabad representative if I was interested in putting on tefillin (phylacteries), and I responded positively. This woman then appeared and began screeching and interfering.”

“Her behavior was gratuitous and outrageous,” said Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, East Coast Regional Vice President of the CJV, “and appeared to reflect a deep-seated animus towards Jewish observance. Her derision and forced, sarcastic laughter were completely outside the behavior expected of rational adults. If her hostility is so severe that it overwhelmed common decency and decorum in a public place, it is difficult to imagine how she could banish it from her classroom presentations for a full semester.”

“According to her online biography,” commented Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer, Chairman of the CJV Rabbinic Circle, “Peri is a ‘specialist in multicultural theories’ and the writer of Education in Multi-Cultured Society: Pluralism and Congruence Among Cultural Divisions. It is difficult to adequately describe the disconnect between her writing about tolerance and her own appalling, biased behavior.”

The CJV requested that university officials “immediately review the course load assigned to Professor Peri for the upcoming semester,” as “one could not anticipate that the woman portrayed on that video would necessarily treat [religious students] impartially and with complete fairness.”

“The universities should require diversity and tolerance training before she returns to the classroom,” explained Rabbi Pruzansky. “They must examine her teaching assignments to ensure an environment of mutual respect for students in the fall.”


  1. Kol hakavod to chareidim who do not attend universities with such “professors” who seem as despicable as those “professors” in universities in the US.

    • Or to a Muslim laying down a “prayer carpet” in the middle of Ben Gurion Airport.

      Let’s hope that this Jewish-born shiksa remains in Maryland, so that she no longer contaminates Eretz Yisrael with her filth.

  2. I wonder how the universities will react upon witnessing her blind hatred, uncivil behavior and insane laughter. Each one of these should be enough to disqualify her from teaching. How could a university allow that hate-driven lunatic to stand in front of students and lecture to them about congruence among cultural divisions?!!
    I think every Jew who has not been 100% faithful in putting on tefillin daily should send her an email with a picture of himself decked with tefillin on his head and arm and thank her for inspiring him to take upon himself to don tefillin daily. It will be a huge zechus for this poor woman, granting her some Heavenly merits.

  3. to anonymouse jun 4 1 20 pm
    nothng to wonder….those woman are in her league.
    its not the tefilin she hates as its the shomrei torah.
    women who put tefilin is also just a mockery…its just to show feminisim
    why tefilin more than fam purity etc etc? ala mai …
    do those meharshaim avoid putting on when not clean…no! what about gif nuki!!

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