United Nations Officials Escape from Gaza Mob into Israel Following Death Threats


International UNRWA officials in Gaza had to run away to safety in Israel.   They received death threats from their fellow local Gaza UNRWA employees – due to cutbacks – and found themselves in mortal danger.  This is the body that is in charge of handing out hundreds of millions of dollars every year to the eternal “Palestinian” refugees.

These international UNRWA staff members oversee the hateful school curriculum that teach Gaza children to destroy Israel and murder Jews.  Well, this is a boomerang effect. Now, they are running to Israel to protect themselves from their own Gaza employees.  They literally had to run to save their own lives.

The local Gaza staff are angry at the international UNRWA staff members because of job cuts. Due to serious death threats, they forced the international staff to run away from their Gaza office to Israel.  A large Gaza Hamas police force escorted them to the border fence.

They received the death threats following announcements related to major layoffs necessitated by the US’ massive aid cuts to UNRWA.

The Arab media reported extensively about this incident.  On the other hand, the UNRWA has yet to officially announce that their employees escaped to Israel to save their lives. Forget about issuing a thank you to Israel for helping save their employees.

UNRWA “decided to temporarily withdraw part of its international staff from Gaza following a series of worrying security incidents affecting its personnel in the Strip.”

“Some of these actions have specifically targeted the UNRWA management in Gaza,” it said.

While they mention that they withdrew their staff, they make no mention that Israel assisted them.

Israeli Army Statement

The Israeli army issued an official statement, confirming the incident.

“A number of foreign UNRWA employees have been evacuated from the Gaza Strip to Israel. This is due to the tensions as a result of the financial crisis UNRWA is facing and subsequent concern for the safety of its foreign staff,” stressed the statement.

“The Hamas terrorist organization did not protect the agency’s staff from the violence directed against them,” the statement concluded.


{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Gosh! The quintessential adage of “bite the hand that feeds you!” Now the UNWRA schools where these little dogs learn to hate, torture and kill will cease to function. Who will teach them their life mission?

  2. Israel should have denied them entry after all their Palestinian freedom fighters would never hurt anybody without justification

    Couldn’t have happened to nicer people. The only regret that i have is that they managed to escape into Israel, They should have been sent to Egypt.

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