United Hatzalah Treats Chosson Injured Breaking Glass Under Chupah


chosson-breaks-glassYerushalayim – Guests at a wedding in Petach Tikvah Tuesday night were shocked as the chosson did the unthinkable. Towards the end of the chupah, he stamped on a glass in the traditional manner, but before his friends and family could shout mazel tov, it became apparent that a shard of glass had gone through his shoe and seriously injured his foot.

United Hatzalah volunteers were just a phone call away and arrived on the scene in minutes to provide first aid.

The volunteers offered a comprehensive treatment to solve the problem from start to end: they escorted the chosson to the nearest emergency room in an ambulance, expedited his treatment there so he was released in fifteen minutes, and took him back to his kallah, friends and family, where he delicately but defiantly danced the night away.

United Hatzalah President Eli Beer said: ” We were happy to be the first on scene to help this man to get back on his feet on his wedding day. We wish the family a hearty mazel tov and hope they will never need our services again in the future.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. This is a beautiful story. There should be a Hatzolah in every Jewish community in the world.
    Lots of nachas for the choson and kalah!!!

  2. Only time I have heard of such a thing was a drawing in Mad magazine.
    What kind of shoes was he wearing?
    Maybe there should be a letter of consent to sign before the chuppah.

  3. Does this make stepping on the glass a dangerous custom.I think every hall needs to supply a shoe guard to prevent this from happening again.

  4. The Minhag used to be that the second cup still with wine that was smashed to the wall not stepped on it.

    Also the minhag of the Rokeah that that second cup is given to drink to the Kalla by the Choson [if possible] and that’s the minhag of all sefaradim and Teimanim.

    It also was re-instituted by chasidey Belz who are decendents of the Rokeach.

  5. It must have been in the middle of the chuppah. Here in E”Y you don’t break the glass at the end of the chuppah but rather after bircos ha’erusin before the sheva brachos.

  6. As far as I’ve always noticed,usually the glass is wrapped in a cloth serviette anyway in order to limit the area where the shards can spread,so that way this incident couldn’t occur. 6.Aryeh….Interesting you mention the minhag of the Choson giving the Kalloh the kos himself.Thats exactly what Rav Tovia Weiss instructed my son to do when he officiated at his chupa.Later when I asked him why he had told him to do so,which to me seemed different to the norm,he answered that “there was no reason why he should not have done so”.

  7. We hear about this occasionally. This is not the first time that a chosson has gotten hurt by the glass. Happened to a friend, about 35 years ago. A close relative is a chasunah musician and reports that he has heard of this a few times in his long career.


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